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    Delhi’s containment zone has more than quadrupled in December, the data says

    With the rapid rise in coronavirus cases in the national capital, the number of containment zones has more than quadrupled since the beginning of this month. Delhi is struggling with an increase in Omicron cases and currently has 320 cases and experts warn that the numbers are expected to increase every day.

    On December 1, when the national capital logged 39 transmissions in one day, the number of containment zones stood at 102. As of December 30, the number of containment zones had risen to 823, with transmissions rising to 1,313 in one day. The southern district has the highest number of active containment zones at 402, followed by 108 in the west and 84 in New Delhi. The North-East District has zero active containment zones, with only 53 active cases. The Eastern District has six active containment zones, while the Central District has 18 such zones.

    South-West, North-West and Shahdara districts have less than 50 active containment zones in 33, 26 and 30 districts respectively. New Delhi, North and South-East districts have 84, 62 and 54 active containment zones respectively. In the space of 10 days, containment zones have increased fivefold, official data says.

    On December 19, there were 91 single-day outbreaks in the national capital, with the number of containment zones rising to 163 and the following day rising to 173. On December 22nd, the number of containment zones exceeded the 200-mark and it continues to increase day by day as the number of cases has also increased almost 10 times during this period. On 26 December the number of containment zones exceeded 300-mark. On 29 December the number of containment zones stood at 645 and the next day a significant jump was made to 823.

    Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain says Omicron is slowly spreading within the community and new, rapidly-spreading forms of anxiety have been found in 54 per cent of the latest samples analyzed in the national capital. Curbs have been installed as part of the Yellow Warning under the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These include closing schools, limiting attendance at weddings and funerals to 20, and restricting metro and bus services with 50 percent seating capacity.



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