Sunday, June 19, 2022

    Defensive rest in the officer’s trial on the death of Donte Wright

    Minneapolis (AP) has taken a defense break in the trial of a Minnesota police officer accused of fatally shooting black motorist Dante Wright. Kim Potter, 49, is charged with manslaughter for killing Wright at an April 11 traffic stop in the Minneapolis suburb of the Brooklyn Center.

    Potter said he wanted to use his taser to subdue Wright when he turned away from officers and returned to his car when they tried to arrest him on a warrant for a weapons violation. Instead, he shot her once with his handgun. The defense closed their case on Friday after Potter took a stand to testify in his case. Potter, who resigned two days after the shooting, broke down in tears at one point because he said the traffic stop was disrupted after Wright tried to get back in his car and leave.

    Potter was training a new officer when that officer decided to pull Wright for an expired freshener with an expired license plate tag and hanging from his mirror. Potter said he probably wouldn’t have stopped if he had been alone. Potter admitted during questioning that he had been extensively trained in the use of force and the use of Tasers. (AP).

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