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    Bhopal hosts Asang Kovid-19 fighters for relentless work during second wave

    Even after her seven-member family contracted Kovid-19 in April, Mita Wadhwa helped a team of volunteers deliver about 600 packets of breakfast daily to 27 nursing homes in Bhopal for a week and worked at the Vadavada crematorium, which was flooded with corpses. Mid-April.

    Mita Wadhwa, who was part of a team working during the second wave of the epidemic, was greeted by others on Saturday by a voluntary organization – ‘Dream Bhopal, Green Bhopal’.

    Wadhwa told that after she and her husband became infected, the whole family also had Kovid-19 and her father-in-law died in the process. When they took his body to Bhadavada crematorium, he was surprised to see the situation there. Several bodies were not kept without relatives to attend the mourning or funeral.

    Mamatesh Sharma, secretary of the crematorium, asked Wadhwa to help those who had brought the bodies. Wadhwa said she started seeing this facility every day with her husband till the end of May.

    “We started delivering food to the mega hospital and soon realized that there were many more people coming to help, so we started distributing breakfast packets to about 27 nursing homes, in every nook and corner of the city there was hardly any facility. These are places to feed patients and attendants, ”Wadhwa said.

    She said she would travel 50-60 kilometers per day and the team would distribute 500-600 breakfast packets, including nursing home staff working at night. “It was a long hour’s work but we were never tired and only worried if we missed someone in need of help …”

    The community kitchen is run by Wadhwa and Pooja Iyengar and the team has delivered about 35,000 food packs to the town in 50 days.

    Gurudwara Singh Sabha Horse van driver Edward John and a few others went out of their way to help the needy. He worked tirelessly to move the corpse from one corner to the other. As more deaths were reported, John worked tirelessly to transport the bodies to crematoriums and cemeteries, even in cars, autorickshaws and SUVs.

    Another, Dr. Sangeeta Tank, in charge of the Covid-19 control room at the Smart City office, and his team were consulting with people in isolation after being infected. At one point, the number of homeless patients increased to 12,000 in the city, and Dr. Tank was taking care of their medication, hospital beds, oxygen, and other immediate needs.

    Dr. Harshita Singh, in charge of Fever Clinic and Counseling, works with 200-300 patients daily. He advised people in home isolation. She arranged for hospital beds and blood plasma for the women to deliver their children during the second wave.

    There are people like ANM Gayatri Srivastava who have vaccinated about 61,000 people in the city. Beginning in January, Srivastava vaccinated about 300 people daily. Others like Raju Pandey, part of the CM helpline, worked 20 to 22 hours a day to help those in need.

    The event also congratulated MP Tourism Corporation for launching the first vaccine drive in the country for the innovation where locals were allowed to drive their four-wheelers in the open field and get vaccinated inside their vehicles without fear of any infection. Process

    Medical Education Minister Biswas Sarang praised the Kovid-19 fighters and said that in the midst of the second wave of despair, the volunteers showed a positive side and inspired many.

    “Such a small incident may not honor every Covid-19 fighter, but such incidents send a positive message of inspiration to society,” Sarang said.

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