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    Adoption fills empty homes with exhilaration amid epidemic depression in 2021, Kovid orphans want to start anew in ’22

    When the second wave of the devastating Kovid hit India in April 2021, only one family in India was untouched by the virus. The wave, one of the worst experiences by any nation, may subside, but it leaves a trail of trauma and death in its wake.

    As 2021 draws to a close, while many are engulfed in memories of loss and despair, some are waiting for a new beginning. brings you stories of people who have lost a family this year and gained 6

    ‘Nowhere’ children

    According to a Lancet survey, approximately 1.16 million children in India lost a parent due to covid from March 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021. An estimated 25,500 children lost their mothers, about 90,751 lost their fathers and 12 lost both. Parents for the disease. An assessment by the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) suggests that approximately 3,620 children have lost both their parents, about 26,176 have lost one of them and 274 have been abandoned in the country since the epidemic hit.

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    Rumors of ‘adoption’ have increased due to the plight of orphans or ‘nowhere’ children. Although considered a viable option, many feared the threat of child trafficking, often calling for the direct adoption of children in the form of social media messages.

    Adoption gives new life to many

    The young couple Nidhi and Kushal were recovering from the loss of their unborn child when news of the death of their neighbors in the second wave of Kovid added to their grief. The surviving five-year-old of the deceased couple was placed under the care of his ailing grandparents. When Nidhi and Kushal took steps to adopt her legally, the retired grandparents were thinking of adopting the child without any savings.

    “We will go through the legal process this January. Last year was tough for all of us. We can’t wait to start anew with a new member of our family, “said Nidhi.

    The six-year-old witness (name changed) was seen sitting next to his mother’s body in Faridabad in May when a second wave in India orphaned him. After closely witnessing his mother’s death due to Kovid, the Child Welfare Committee expressed little hope that the witness would return to normal until he was taken to a family consisting of a mother and her six children.

    Witnesses say he still sees his mother in his dreams, asking her to come with him. She resisted, however, saying that she had found a new mother and family and now wanted to spend the rest of her life with them.

    Joy Sharma, a resident of Dehradun, was deeply moved by the unprecedented death toll around him, who then set out to help children who had lost both their parents in Kovid-19. The founder of the NGO Just Open Yourself (Joy) planned to adopt 100 orphans. The NGO, through its Facebook page, announced plans for the adoption, with 28 out of 100 people already receiving financial support from the organization.

    “These children are located in Uttarkashi, Joshimath, Rudraprayag and Dehradun districts. We aim to finance these students for the next 2-3 years until they become self-reliant, ”Sharma told the Times of India. A few weeks where both parents died, and the child was left alone at home. Some of these children are in 4th-5th grade, one is in 12th grade and the rest are younger. At that moment, it struck us that this unfortunate scene is inevitable, and we want to see more events like the epidemic. “

    Only a handful of the more than 2,000 children in Delhi who have lost one or both parents to the novel’s coronavirus. Many are still waiting in crowded shelters to find new families.

    However, not every orphan is adopted

    A BBC report states that between 2019 and March 2020, 3,351 children were adopted each year, with several thousand orphans. This complete gap was widened by the second Kovid wave of 2021 when India recorded hundreds of deaths per hour.

    Although potential parents have inquired about the adoption of orphans due to Kovid, the delayed adoption process due to the risk of epidemics and infections discouraged many from proceeding with it, says a Kolkata-based shelter for children. .

    The outbreak in March stalled the adoption process across India for a number of reasons, including lack of information, court closures and fears of infection. These factors prevent potential parents (PPs) from approaching the adoption center. However, even after the adoption process resumed in June, it did not exceed 437, according to data from the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA).

    Anurag Kundu, chairperson of the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, supported it.

    “It is a myth that every child is adopted,” Kundu told the BBC in a report, in which he spoke in favor of a short-term focus on foster care rather than full adoption to help solve the problem.

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    “Family members can always come forward. Raising is a great idea but in our country, it has not been introduced in spite of a specific provision in the law, “Kundu was quoted as saying.

    Foster care allows children to be cared for by family and friends and no one has to wait in their crowded care home for their adoption. Experts say it could help improve India’s disappointing adoption rate as more families come forward to temporarily care for such children, which could eventually lead to their formal adoption.

    Although the Indian government has announced a provision of around Rs 10 lakh for each child to help orphans, which will be given to them as stipend from the age of 18-23, child care experts are pushing for simplification. Adoption laws as they believe that growing up in the absence of family can be more detrimental to the health of the child than the absence of funds.

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