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    Priyanka Chopra removes her husband Nick’s title because ‘Desi Girl’ is telling the truth

    Priyanka Chopra is a world star. Millions of Hollywood and Bollywood fans follow him on social media. He often treats people with his posts on social media. Recently, she made headlines while deleting her husband’s title on her Instagram profile. After deleting the title ‘Jonas’ from his name, many things started. People even talked about the divorce of Nick Jonas and Priyanka. This time ‘Desi Girl’ herself has broken the silence on this issue and given the reason for deleting the surname Jonas.

    So the title Jonas has been removed
    Priyanka Chopra broke her silence on the issue after shouting about the removal of the Jonas title. In a conversation with e-Times, Priyanka explained the reason behind this. Desi Girl said she did it because she wanted to match the Instagram username with the Twitter username. So he removed the title Jonas.

    People are shocked ‘Desi Girl’
    But he was surprised to see it become such a big issue on social media, he said. It’s really amazing how big of a problem everything here is. Little things cause a stir in people.

    When Priyanka gets angry
    Recently, during the promotion of ‘The Matrix Resurrection’ in the United States, a website called Priyanka Chopra the wife of an American singer and actor, for which Priyanka taunted her. After 10 years of hard work in Hollywood, her identity as the wife of Nick Jonas is limited. Sharing a screenshot of this report, Priyanka wrote – It is very funny that I am promoting one of the most iconic franchises in the world and I am still called by my wife’s name …. Priyanka further writes, please answer why this is still the case with women today? Should I add an IMDB link to my bio?

    Priyanka in ‘The Matrix Resurrection’
    We tell you that Priyanka was seen in ‘The Matrix Resurrection’, which was released in theaters on December 22. Keanu Reeves is in the lead role in this movie of Matrix series. Priyanka is playing the role of Sati in the film.

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