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    Fans, enraged by Kylie Jenner’s ambulance video, have started classes on social media

    Recently, American rapper Travis Scott was trampled underfoot at the Astroworld Festival, killing eight people. A 10-year-old child was also involved, according to local officials. The AstroWorld Festival was held in Houston, Texas, USA. Due to this, the festival was postponed last Saturday. According to the Houston Chronicle, more than 50,000 fans gathered outside NRG Park to listen to American rapper Travis Scott.

    The accident happened when some people started trying to enter the VIP zone. People started marching towards the stage, meanwhile they were trampled. According to the report, 23 people were admitted to the hospital on the day, where more than 300 people were treated on the spot. Star Kylie Jenner was also present at the festival. He went with his daughter Stormy. Kylie shared a video on Instagram Story after the incident, where an ambulance can’t find its way. People are expressing their anger in this post of Kylie.

    One user commented, ‘This situation will remind you that celebrities and influential people don’t care about anyone. Travis, on the other hand, is making fun of dead children. Kylie, on the other hand, is sharing cute videos on social media while the ambulance is having trouble getting out. It’s sad.

    People are saying bad things to Kylie (Photo Credit twitter / @ trishank4488)

    One fan wrote, “I want to remind you that you can see the ambulance from the Travis Scott concert on Kylie Joyner’s Instagram story. It has not been moved since the news.

    Music festival

    8 killed in accident (Photo Credit Twitter / @lookishairflip)

    According to reports, Kylie Jenner was not injured in the accident. He also confirmed that he is fine. Kylie Scott is pregnant with another child. Notably, Scott started the Astroworld Festival in 2018. On Friday, his show was Apple Music Live.

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