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    Fans ate Tom Cruise, now it’s hard to recognize

    Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is considered one of the most handsome stars in the world. Tom Cruise’s public presence makes the day his fans around the world. The actor recently came to watch a baseball game in San Francisco. Although the picture of this incident is viral on social media, the reason is something else. In fact, it’s hard for fans to believe that it’s Tom Cruise after seeing these pictures. In this picture, Tom Cruise looks completely different from before.

    Looking at Tom Cruise, it seems he has gained weight. His face looks heavier than before. Recently, the actor came to watch a baseball game in the United States. He was wearing a jacket at the time. Many pictures of Tom Cruise smiling while watching the match are going viral on social media. We let you know that Tom Cruise will be seen in ‘Mission Impossible 7’ soon. He is currently busy shooting this photo.

    These pictures of Tom Cruise are going viral. (Photo credit: ll EllisBelle1 / twitter)

    People are crazy about the look and acting of Tom Cruise. He has a huge fan following. After seeing these pictures of him, many fans also say that he has undergone surgery, so his face is swollen. At the same time, some fans are wondering if this guy looks like Tom Cruise. Fans are more confused than happy to see Tom Cruise.

    Tom Cruise’s face looked heavy. (Photo credit: @bbletter / twitter)

    Speaking of the work front, Tom Cruise will soon be seen on Mission Impossible 7. He was last seen in ‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’. There is also the actor’s film ‘Top Song: Maverick’, which he will start shooting. Viewers are eagerly awaiting a photo of Tom Cruise.

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