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    Day6 Former member Jay Park swears at singer Jamie, then tweets apology

    Jay Park apologizes to Jamie: Former Day6 member Jay Park has apologized for making derogatory remarks about singer Jamie Park during a recent livestream. I tell you, JR is not part of Day6. Recently, Jay Park came live via Twitch Stream and interacted with his fans, during which time he abused Jamie, after which he started getting a lot of criticism on social media.

    Talking to the fans in the live stream Jay Park Says, ‘Now that I’m not in K-Pop, I can say it. Why is Jamie trying to be TH * T? ‘ Jay Park then laughed out loud and with a smile he repeated the same thing to his fans, telling Jamie what he had said. Another of his clips is going viral on social media, where Jay Park says that if Jamie asks him why he calls him TH * T, he will say ‘You share your picture in this way, so it makes me cry’. ‘

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    Jay Park has now apologized to Jamie Park after much criticism. “I apologize to Jamie and everyone for what I said,” he tweeted. “It’s definitely a bad taste comment and I feel very bad,” he wrote.

    He further wrote, ‘What I thought was a friendly joke, now I realize that I should not have made such a joke. I sincerely apologize to Jamie as well as to those who were injured. ‘

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