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    American singer Christina Aguilera’s birthday photo goes viral, a topless photo shared at the age of 41 …

    Mumbai: Suddenly American singer and actress Christina Aguilera made headlines. Christina has done something on her birthday that has caused her to be talked about everywhere on social media. The singer herself celebrated her 41st birthday (Christina Aguilera’s birthday) on December 18, after which she now shared her very bold photos on Instagram. Which is now in discussion among Christina fans (topless photo of Christina Aguilar).

    In these photos, Christina is posing topless in a bold style. Christina Aguilera shared these photos from her official Instagram account, which surprised everyone, sparking discussion among fans of the actress’s fitness and bold style. In this picture, the famous pop singer is posing with extraordinary courage.

    Christina Aguilera is wearing a black leather arm warmer and black sunglasses. Besides, she is posing topless. In the photos, Christina is covering the front with her hands and sometimes her hair. Now his fans are responding to Singer’s post.

    Topless photo of Christina Aguilera. (Photo credit: Instagram: @xtina)

    Sharing the photo, Christina Aguilera wrote in the caption ‘Xtina Xli’, which is her nickname. Earlier, he also shared some pictures on his birthday, which made a lot of headlines. In this photo, she is seen with her pet. Christina is known for raising serious issues in her songs. Which often becomes a topic of discussion.

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