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    Actress Ally Simpson was the victim of a fatal accident, which was later reported positively by Corona.

    New Delhi. There is a famous saying that when trouble comes, it comes from all sides. Ally Simpson, a 23-year-old popular Australian actress and singer, is facing similar problems. At this point he is going through a very difficult phase. At first he had an accident in the swimming pool and then he was caught with a corona infection. Simpson posted some pictures of her (Ally Simpson photo) from the hospital on social media. Their condition can be guessed by looking at these pictures. Fans are constantly praying for him.

    The actress told about the accident
    However, Ally Simpson is a brave woman and she is currently struggling with a double problem in the hospital. He also wrote a long caption while posting his picture on Instagram. He explained in his caption how he was involved in the accident. “The story is long, but I want to say briefly, I dived into the pool and my head fell under the pool,” he said. After that, he wrote in his caption, ‘On New Year’s Eve, I did X-ray and CT scan and then did MRI to detect the fracture. He went straight to the hospital by ambulance and was examined by a neurosurgeon.

    The actress expressed her gratitude to everyone (Photo courtesy of Instagram / @AliSimpson)

    No surgery is required
    Simpson further wrote, ‘The doctor said there was no immediate need for surgery, but I would have to stay 4 hours straight for 4 months with tight neck braces until my neck healed. I want to say that my spine is intact, I am really lucky that I am alive.

    The actress expressed her gratitude to everyone
    Simpson has always had a positive attitude. It is known from his past. He wrote in his post that he thinks the next four months are short. After that he wants to spend the rest of his life happily. Thanking God, the actress wrote that she will always be grateful for the new life.

    At the end of the post, the actress also wished everyone a Happy New Year. He thanked his friends and family and wrote that everyone was with me during this difficult time. They are preparing food for me and also giving me gifts. Ali also thanked the hospital staff.

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