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    Sunil Chhetri said- career is going to end soon but not in next few years

    Men. Legendary Indian footballer and national football team captain Sunil Chhetri is often questioned about his retirement. Talking about her career on Thursday, the 37-year-old Chhetri first said that “it is going to end soon” but at the same time made it clear that she is not going anywhere for the next few years. Chhetri, who surpassed legend Pel to reach 79 in his international goal count against men in the SAFF Championship on Wednesday, adopted a philosophical approach to his approach to the game.

    “The truth is that this (her career) is coming to an end soon and I am enjoying every moment of it,” Chhetri said. Asked how Chhetri went through ups and downs in her illustrious career, she said, “I have a very simple mantra now. Wait friend, there is very little time left, very little game left. Time is running out.

    He said, ‘Stop crying, jump for joy, stop over-celebrating, stop being frustrated because it will end soon. At the moment I will go on the field and try my best because I know it is going to end soon. With this, Chhetri has made it clear that this will not happen in the next few years. “Sunil Chhetri is not going anywhere in the next few years. So relax. ‘

    This charismatic player is the third most active footballer after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He said he likes to keep himself away from outside things because there aren’t too many matches left in his career. Chhetri made her Indian debut in 2005 against Pakistan in Quetta. In his 16-year career, he has played 124 matches for India so far.

    He said, ‘I insult or praise people, I try to forget everything. I go to the field and try to give the best. Asked about breaking Pel’s record, Chhetri said, “Anyone who knows football understands (with Pel)) there is no comparison. I am happy that I am playing for my country and scoring goals. That’s all I want.

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