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    People used to joke about boys playing football, today they are being admired; Find out – the story of Manisha’s struggle

    New Delhi. The future of women’s football in India looks bright now, but until a few years ago, there was no prospect of a career in it. E.g. Manisha Kalyan The story of (Manisha Kalyan) ‘s struggle can certainly inspire. Manisha made headlines in the international tournament against Brazil, but there was a time when people scolded her for playing football.

    Indian women’s footballer Manisha Kalyan says that before she used to play football with boys, then people used to make fun of her but now they appreciate her. AFC Asian Cup As part of preparations for the AFC Asian Cup, the Indian team travels to Brazil to take part in a four-nation tournament.

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    “When I was in school, I used to play with the boys in my village,” Manisha told an online press conference organized by the All India Football Federation (AIFF). Once or twice my parents were also complained about why I was the only girl playing among the boys. The 20-year-old player from Hoshiarpur district in Punjab said, “Complainants have said that it is not good for a girl to play with boys but my parents have always supported me. That’s why I didn’t take those allegations seriously.

    Manisha said the situation has changed a lot since returning from Brazil. “Many people from the village came to visit my parents and congratulated me, saying that I had taken the right step (choosing sports as a profession),” he said. Manisha is a big fan of former Brazilian legend Ronaldinho. “My village friends used to call me Dinho,” he said. When I first created my Instagram account, it was called ‘MKD’ which means Manisha Kalyan Dinho.

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    Manisha said, ‘I (Lionel) like Messi’s game. He made great passes and delivered the ball to the goalposts. Manisha was initially interested in athletics and basketball but took to football on the advice of a school physical education (PET) teacher. Manisha said, “Before eighth grade, I used to play basketball, participate in 100m and 200m races. Our PET teacher was a footballer and he asked me if I wanted to play on the district football team.

    Manisha said, ‘They have taken my trial and I have been elected. I also liked it a lot and told the coach that I would only play football then I start training football after school. Manisha said the goal against Brazil boosted her confidence, although she had to improve in many areas of her game. “Ever since I joined the national camp in 2019,” he said. I started to focus on my weaknesses.

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