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    “Our dreams have been shattered,” Indian women’s coach Thomas Denarby told the AFC. He described the whole incident

    Mumbai. Coach Thomas Denarby of the Indian women’s soccer team has postponed the Asian Cup due to a corona infection.AFC Women’s Asian Cup-2022) Blamed the AFC for being out. Denarby said its players were infected by hotel staff because the bio-bubble was not ‘foolproof’. Attacking the Asian Football Confederation, Denarby said that India’s dream of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup was not destroyed by the players but by a weak bio-bubble created by the AFC.

    That is what coach Denarby said AFC He did not show any respect, sympathy or kindness to the team for handling such an extraordinary situation in such a big tournament. He told a virtual press conference that when we arrived at the hotel, we were all overwhelmed by the Corona investigation. The first positive case comes when we come out of the hotel to practice. A day later, 6 employees of the hotel were found positive. Finding out where we got the infection from is not rocket science.

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    He said, ‘The hotel staff was tested on January 17 and 7 people tested positive on January 18 but the information was given on January 19. What was the AFC doing all day? De Narbi said: ‘Hotel staff were checked every six days, not every three days. I don’t know why.

    India withdrew from the AFC Women’s Asian Cup on Sunday after the team’s match against Chinese Taipei was canceled due to a dozen infections. Article 4.1 of the AFC Tournament Rules stipulates that failure to bring the entire team together for one match will be deemed to have been withdrawn from the tournament.

    Denarby said the AFC should have immediately removed infected hotel staff and told players not to make any contact. “I don’t know why the AFC didn’t take immediate action,” he said. Many hotel staff were infected but the AFC waited for a day. We are not happy with the way the AFC is organizing the tournament. It shattered our dreams.

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