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    Sweet Potato Fry: Use sweet potato fry instead of french fries, it is healthy in taste.

    Sweet Potato Fried Recipe: Sweet potato is available in winter season. When kids insist on snacks at home, ready-made french fries are usually made. These babies feel very tasty to eat, but in terms of health, overeating can harm them. This winter, if you want to make something tasty and healthy for children, sweet potato fries may be a good option. These are quite easy to make. Besides, children will also like these very much.
    A quick recipe for fried sweet potatoes. This dish is very popular among children as well as adults. There is no point in not cooking at home till now. We are going to tell you a simple recipe to make in a hurry. Following which you can create it at any time.

    Ingredients for sweet potatoes
    Sweet Potato (Sweet Potato) – 3
    Corn Flower – 50 g
    Flour – 50 g
    Mix fruit powder – 1 tbsp
    Salt – 1 tsp
    Water – 2 cups

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    How to make sweet potatoes
    To make sweet potato, first wash the sweet potato well and peel it. Next, cut them into long pieces in the line of french fries. Then take a pot and add water and salt. Soak the sweet potato slices in this water for about two to three minutes. When the sweet potato pieces are well immersed, take them out after the allotted time and put them in another container. Now wrap it well with cornflower. Soak it in water again and take it out.

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    Now put it in a bowl and wrap it well with flour. Then heat oil in a pan. When the oil is hot enough, deep fry it with sweet potato i.e. sweet potato pieces. Remember to keep the gas flame full at this time. Now put a kitchen paper and take out these fried potatoes on a plate. Sweet potato fry ready for kids. Before serving, add the mixed fruit powder and mix well.

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