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    Old recipe of Kharoda curry and soup, reached Pusa Road ‘Subhash ji Kharode Wale’

    (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)

    Famous Food Joint of Delhi-NCR: As winter approaches in Delhi, food lovers go out in search of soup. It is believed that soup is not only nutritious, it also provides energy and nutrition to the body. If the soup is non-veg and also kharode (goat’s foot), its fans believe that this soup will not only provide warmth in winter, but also replenish bone strength. The craze for kharoda soup is increasing so much that last year the price of raw kharoda was 50 rupees. Today its price has reached 80 to 100 rupees in meat shops. We want to tell you that vegetarians have got the ‘disease’ of Kharos, keep looking for ways to get it. Today we are taking you to one of these dishes which sells the oldest kroda in the capital. Although it has been seen on the sidewalk for years, there are lines of people eating cars.

    The power of the Kharos draws people to this place
    From Karolbagh Road towards Shadipur Depot, Pusa Road in the middle. The pavement of this Pusa road is decorated with lights in the evening. No one has to ask for this sweet ‘Subhashji Kharode Wale’ in front of Akash Tower. Wherever you see crowds on the sidewalk, you know you have reached your favorite place. With the increasing demand, more non-veg items are also served here, but kharoda soup and curry are the most in demand.

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    This item can be seen cooking in a large pan. Its smell creates such a coating all around, people reach to eat. If you take Kharuda soup, its price is 120 rupees. The price of a plate of single kheroda curry is 200 rupees. In fact, food lovers are engrossed in the taste of this sweet food. They think that the ‘power’ they have in Kharode, they are getting in this place.

    Kidney Kapoor and Magaz are enjoying Tikka Kulcha
    The owner of the boat also believes that people come here exclusively to eat kharoda. When the winter begins and the fog begins to cover the area, the crowds increase, as this food generates a lot of heat in the body. Kidney-kapure, Magaz Tikka, Magaz Sink Kebab are also available at the stall. All this is prepared on the grill. It is very thick and can be eaten with masala kulcha in addition to roti. The price of an item is 460 rupees. Where bread and kulcha cost 15 rupees.

    The family started selling groceries in 1982.
    We said that it was the oldest Thea of ​​the Kharos in Delhi. Earlier, Dayaram had started the festival in Karol Bagh in 1962. At that time only Kharoda used to sell curry. After the expansion of Delhi, his son Chamanlal moved the place to Pusa Road in 1972. This was because the road connected the whole of West Delhi. Today his sons Subhash and Mahesh are running this stall. To connect with the youth, he has added some more foods besides kharode, which are earning a name.

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    They said, our acquaintance with the Kharos. We are still making the spices and methods of preparation that our forefathers left behind. Only by reducing the heat and cooking for a long time, Kheroda comes to life and people start pulling. Thea starts at 6 pm and the lights go out at 10:30 pm. Tuesday is a holiday.

    Nearest metro station: Karol Bagh

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