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    New York Indian restaurant likes ‘Dhamaka’, one of the top 10 new restaurants for food lovers

    Top 10 New York 2021 New Restaurants: The Indian people are considered to be very fond of food. As much as there is diversity in Indian culture, Indian food is also full of diversity. Once you taste Indian food, you will want to eat it again. We are not saying just like that, a hallmark of it has been proved by an Indian restaurant abroad. The restaurant ‘Dhamaka’ which started during Corona’s time has become a very familiar name to many people living there today. Due to the taste of Indian food, this restaurant has become quite popular there.

    New York Times According to critic Pete Wells, Dhamakao, an Indian restaurant, has been named one of New York’s top 10 newest restaurants for 2021. Wells made the list by reviewing New York restaurants. They say I was looking for a restaurant with less pretense but I can tell others about its taste.

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    Delicious taste of Indian restaurant ‘Dhamaka’
    The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of an Indian restaurant in New York. One of the reasons behind the success of this restaurant is its timely timing. Chef Chetan Pandya has started this restaurant. It began in February 2021, when the whole of New York was horrified by the Corona riots. The food of this restaurant is also available in rural India.
    All the dishes found in this restaurant are a unique blend of Indian spices. Especially those who like spicy food like this restaurant a lot. Biryani and chicken pulao are also preferred here.

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    The restaurant is also in the top 10

    In addition to the Indian restaurant Dhamaka, the Chinese restaurant Chelio is on the Wales Top 10 list. Also, Ernesto, the French restaurant Contento, serves light oriental flavors, following the style of Shuket, Gage and Tolner, Greek and Turkish cuisine, the restaurant Iris, Cadence Restaurant (Cadence Restaurant), Chapel & Chips and South Korean Restaurant.

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