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    Merry Christmas 2021: These dishes are the most popular at Christmas

    Merry Christmas 2021: Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year. The beauty of this festival is created all over the world. Preparations for Christmas began long ago. Christmas is not only known for the Christmas tree, gift or carol, people look forward to celebrating in these festivals throughout the year. However, any festival is always incomplete without food. Christmas is celebrated in different ways in different countries. There is also a trend of feasting in this festival. In India too, Christmas is celebrated with much pomp and ceremony. Today we will tell you which foods during Christmas
    (Food) most popular. You too can enjoy those foods this Christmas.

    Cookies – Cookies are very popular during Christmas celebrations. Adults with children also eat very pompously. This is a kind of biscuit. It is usually prepared from flour, eggs, fat and sugar. They are made by mixing chocolate, butter, walnuts and dried fruits.

    Cake – Christmas cannot be celebrated without cakes. Different varieties of cakes are quite famous for enjoying this festival. People like to make cakes at home, while there are many types of cakes available in the market. Fruit cakes are very popular this season. There is also a demand for different types of plum cakes from chocolate cakes and rum cakes.

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    Fried potatoes It cannot be that there are no potatoes in any festival. Roasted potatoes are very popular all over the world during Christmas. They are also used a lot in our place. In addition to roasted potatoes and fried potatoes, French fries are also widely used.

    Chicken – The number of people eating roasted chicken during Christmas is also high. Roasted chicken is a popular dish to celebrate this festival. It is very tasty and it is considered as a lean meat. It contains a lot of protein.

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    Turkey meat At Christmas, many types of food are readily available for those who like meat. Traditionally, a turkey is served at Christmas dinner. People prepare it in different ways. It is a very popular food.

    Wine – Without wine or any other wine, the celebration of Christmas remains incomplete. This suggests that in many countries alcohol consumption increases significantly during Christmas. Most of the red wine is drunk at this festival.

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