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    If you want to start the day with ‘Mughlai Breakfast’ then visit ‘Al-Jawhar’ in Jame Mosque

    Delhi Food Outlet: (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) When it comes to breakfast, it is advisable to have a light, fresh or hot breakfast in the morning to suppress hunger at night. There are many types of breakfast in different provinces or states. Somewhere in the morning they are working with paratha, milk or lassi, somewhere they are eating poha-jalebi to clear their stomachs, again idli samba and somewhere in the morning they are eating puri or kachori. People are also working with bread-butter and tea as breakfast. You will find that all these breakfasts are vegetarian and ‘light’ in terms of stomach and health. But today we are introducing a breakfast that is completely non-vegetarian. This non-veggie dish is accompanied by thick yeast bread. In fact, it is called Mughlai Breakfast. It’s not like a typical non-veg meal, because it’s only available in the morning. You can taste this breakfast in the Muslim inhabited area of ​​Old Delhi.

    Prepare overnight on low heat

    There are two types of mutton for breakfast. One is mutton nahari and the other is mutton peya. Both of these are foods that have a lot of bones. The taste of this dish with thick gravy is absolutely
    It’s different. After eating, you will feel that this food will strengthen the body. Today we are going to feed you this food. It is found in the famous restaurant ‘Al-Jawhar’ of Jame Mosque. The specialty of Mutton Nahari and Pyaar is that this breakfast is cooked on low heat at night with spices, so that all the ‘energy’ of the bones comes in the curry. Since this dish is made on fire for hours on end
    Fat increases a lot, so fresh and hot yeast is eaten with coarse bread.

    There are two types of mutton for breakfast. One is mutton nahari and the other is mutton peya.

    Nahari’s taste is unique

    This dish starts to be served at this restaurant at 8 am and it can only be eaten till 11 am. Other Moghlai dishes are then available at the restaurant. In the morning you can go to this restaurant for mutton
    If you order nahari or mutton pea and coarse bread, it will be presented to you in a large glass bowl. Along with the ginger pieces, chopped green peppers and lemon slices are served on a separate small plate.
    When you first eat it, you will feel that this dish is completely different from other Mughlai dishes in terms of taste. Mutton bones are completely soft and the meat is such that it is not difficult to chew. A variety of foods, including ginger pieces, chopped green onions, and lemon zest on top, give it a distinct flavor. If you are alone, half a mutton naharii is enough, it can be easily eaten with two thick loaves of bread. It costs 280 rupees. Bread costs 10 rupees.

    You can enjoy Mughal breakfast at the famous restaurant 'Al-Jawhar' of Jame Mosque.

    You can enjoy Mughal breakfast at the famous restaurant ‘Al-Jawhar’ of Jame Mosque.

    The restaurant was inaugurated by Prime Minister Nehru

    Food experts say that nahari or pigeon salad actually cools the stomach and also brings bone strength. Its spice is completely different. So the experts came to eat. This
    The restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Old Delhi. Malik said it was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and was named after him. This restaurant was started by Badruddin Qureshi. It is currently managed by Mohammad Akhtar, Mohammad Akram and other members of his family. Let me tell you, in the old days, film star Dilip Kumar also came to order food from this restaurant. This is the favorite restaurant of Congress leader Sanjay Gandhi. It starts at 8 am and lasts till 10 pm Mughlai food can be enjoyed here. No vacation.

    Nearest metro station: Jame Mosque

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