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    If you want to enjoy Purbachal, Litty-Chokha Thala, visit ‘Mr Litty Wala’ at Mandawali in Jamunapar.

    Delhi Food Outlets (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) Litty-eyed food is no more in Delhi. The continuous settlement of the people of the East in Delhi and the increase of their social and political status in the capital had a positive effect that the local and indigenous cuisine of the East made their effective penetration into Delhi, just as the Eastern Chhat festival is now a. Delhi has a famous festival. What is special is that these foods from Purbachal have attracted people from Delhi or other states living in the capital. As a result, Litti-Chokha has opened a good place in the capital, where people can enjoy it.

    Today we are going to take such a lit-eye shop. We claim that after eating this dish, you will feel that you have really got the real taste of the East.

    Litti is fried in coal flame

    On Gurudwara Road (behind Mother Dairy Plant) in Mandawali, located in Jamunapar, you will see a litty-eyed shop (small restaurant) called ‘Mr. Litty Wala’. Whenever you go there, you will find litti fried in hot coals and rich in real spices. The owner of this shop is Eastern and he has worked in many famous hotels, so there is no doubt about the taste here. First of all, let’s talk about Litty. After kneading hard wheat flour, the ball is made and the ball is filled with besan sattu, salt, pepper, celery, garlic etc. This litti is lightly fried in a charcoal flame, so that it is cooked from the inside and begins to smell.

    Here you will find spicy fried litti on hot coals and full of real spices.

    The eyes are made in the native way

    Speaking of taste, after frying eggplant, potato and tomato, thick paste is made with green chillies and other spices. This is called sharpening. There is no adulteration in it and
    It only appears in its original and native form and the taste is exactly as it should be. Now this hot eye is served with chudi litti in desi ghee. With mustard sauce,
    Chopped onion and green pepper are served.

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    If you put chutney, chutney etc. in the mouth with hard litti, it starts melting. Its sharpness and freshness will give you different pleasure. It will come out that wow brother, it’s fun. This meal is given with two litis for 50 rupees. Eat and pack and take home.

        This meal is given with two litis for 50 rupees.

    This meal is given with two litis for 50 rupees.

    After studying hotel management, Litty started working

    Devendra Singh fed this food. Who first studied hotel management and worked in a big hotel in Delhi. He opened this shop three years ago. First, he started this work in 2010 near the Hanuman Temple in Connaught Place. Through this work, he taught his brother and wife who are doing a good job today. But Devendra liked the work of litti-chokha.

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    He says that this food has retained the taste of Eastern which is our USP. Many famous leaders and actors used to come to Connaught Place to eat this food. Litti-chokha starts at 10:30 in the morning and work continues till 9:30 at night. No vacation.

    Nearest Metro Station: Mandawali (West Binod Nagar)

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