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    If you want to eat ‘Special’ Chhola-Bhatura, taste ‘Sita Ram Dewan Chand’ of Paharganj.

    Delhi Food Outlet: (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) The original Chhole-Bhatura of Paharganj is found outside many Chhole-Bhatura shops in Delhi. This means that they have some connection with Paharganj if they want to eat delicious Punjabi style Chhola-Bhature. So why don’t we take you directly to Paharganj and enjoy this Chhole-Bhatura dish there. Today we are taking you to a shop which is said to be credited with giving the people of Delhi the taste of real Punjabi Chana-Bhature (Chhole-Bhature). The great thing is if you ask a food lover, a shop in Delhi where real chhole-bhatura is available, he will immediately tell you the name of this shop (restaurant).

    The puppies here are special to Bhatur

    Paharganj where we are taking you is also very famous for small hotels and guest houses. These shelters are frequented by domestic and foreign tourists. This is because, as their rent is very affordable, all kinds of facilities are available in Paharganj area starting from food. In this Chuna Mandi (Rajguru Marg) of Paharganj, there is a shop of ‘Sita Ram Dewan Chand Chana Bhatura’ of village Bhatur. In fact, the shopkeepers call themselves Chana Bhatura Vendors and even though the same name is written on the sign board of the shop, due to the trend, this shop is called Chhole-Bhatura Shop. Inside the shop, a beard was placed, and people stood at the counter, eating a bowl of lentils. There is no seating. This is because seating has not been arranged here due to serving more customers.

    This shop of Chana-Bhatura ‘Sita Ram Dewan Chand Chana Bhatura’ is quite famous.

    People like the taste here

    If you come here and take a plate of Chhola-Bhature, you will see that there is a very simple arrangement here. In a paper plate, give two bhaturas and thick gram flour in a separate container. Sprinkle green chutney on top of this chhola with two pieces of spices and potatoes. Separately, a small paper plate will contain spicy green peppers, chopped onions and seasonal pickles, which include carrots, mangoes, amla, etc. This is the story of this food. We also tell you that this cheese is not fried in the store. These are made from elsewhere and brought here and reheated here in a large pan. If you put a piece of gram dal in the mouth of Bhatu, you will understand that the taste is different, unique and lively.

    Here the price of Chole Bhatur is 69 rupees.

    Here the price of Chole Bhatur is 69 rupees.

    In fact Pindi Chana is served here with Bhature, whose gravy is very thick and it will look spicy, but its taste will be spicy instead of spicy. These are so delicious that you will be satisfied once you finish. Sweet lassi is also served here. Chole Bhature is available at Rs 79 and a glass of lassi at Rs 40.

    Apart from Chhola Bhature, a glass of lassi is available here for 40 rupees.

    Apart from Chhola Bhature, a glass of lassi is available here for 40 rupees.

    The business started with bicycles in 1950
    In 1950, Sita Ram Diwan Chand started work on this village. His family is from Lahore, Pakistan. At first DAV in the area sold bicycles outside the school. The Imperial Cinema in the area then sells fried hot bhatur to street vendors outside. Then he took shop in Chuna Mandi. Later, the responsibility of the shop fell on his son Pran Nath Kohli. Now his son Puneet Kohli is running the business together. The shop opens at 7 am and all the goods are disposed of before 6 pm. No vacation.

    Nearest Metro Station: RK Ashram Marg

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