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    Hing enhances the taste of food, real or fake? In this way you can know in a pinch

    Hing ki pahchan ke tarikah Hing enhances the taste of our food as well as health benefits. There are many types of hing available in the market. Usually we buy hing because of the aroma of hing but many times we unknowingly bring fake hing into the house instead of real, which spoils our food instead of enhancing the taste and can also be harmful to our health. As much as hing is expensive, counterfeit products are also used to make more profit. In this case, it is very important to keep in mind whether the hing we are buying is real or not.
    Most homes do not make food without hing. Whether it is lentils or vegetables or any food, it is not possible to make flavor without hing. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some things that if taken care of you will be able to recognize real and fake hing and avoid fraud.

    How to recognize the real hing

    1. The color of the original hing can be identified in many ways. The color of the original hing is light brown and swells when placed in hot ghee. Its color also becomes red.

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    2. Another way to identify the real hing is to try dissolving it in a little water. If hing water turns white like milk, then it is a sign of real hing, but if the color of water is not white, then you know that hing has some adulteration.

    3. Hing can be identified by burning whether it is real or fake. Original hing burns easily, but fake hing does not catch fire quickly.

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    4. The essence of real hing is its fragrance. If you take hing in your hand, if it is real, its fragrance stays in your hand for a long time. There is fragrance even after washing hands with soap, but if there is fake hing, the fragrance of hand washing with soap goes away.

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