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    Gravy varieties: Try these 5 gravy at home, it will enhance the taste of vegetables

    Gravy varieties: The real taste of any vegetable comes from its gravy. Whether it is cheese or vegetable, delicious rajma or chole or vegetable. The real fun comes from their gravy. When the gravy of any vegetable is made properly, people start licking their fingers. At the same time, sometimes even the best vegetables cannot be enjoyed because the gravy is not prepared properly. If you are also fond of food and like different types of food, then we are going to tell you about 5 types of gravy. These gravy can be used in various vegetables to enhance the taste of food.

    Try these 5 gravy at home

    1. Spinach Gravy – Everyone must have tasted feather cheese. Spinach is specially prepared for making gravy. Spinach gravy is made by boiling spinach. After that the onion is fried. After that it is cooked by mixing it well with raw chillies, tomatoes and other spices. At this time, boiled spinach is crushed and cooked by adding to this mixture. This is how spinach gravy is made. The gravy is very tasty even if you add a little cheese powder to this gravy.

    2. Tomato Gravy – Tomato gravy is used in many vegetables. Tomato puree, cream or cream, bread powder and other spices are used to make it. Tomato gravy cheese is used to make many kinds of vegetables.

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    3. Cashew-Poppy Seed Gravy – Work and poppy seed gravy change the taste of vegetables. Soaked poppy seeds and cashews are used to make it. These are crushed by adding almonds, fennel, cloves, cardamom and milk. Then mix cumin in ghee and fry on low flame. This is how cashew poppy seed gravy is made.

    4. Onion without garlic gravy – Although onions and garlic are usually used to make gravy, onions and garlic are avoided in many homes. Besides, onion and garlic are not eaten in religious ceremonies or fasting. In such a situation delicious gravy can be made without onion and garlic. Coconut, soaked poppy, cashew, tomato are used to make it.

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    5. Yogurt or Gravy – Yogurt is mixed well to make yogurt gravy. Then one by one cumin and asafoetida are sprinkled and mixed with desi ghee. At this time coriander powder, chilli powder, green chillies and other spices are added to enhance the taste. Adding yogurt gravy to any vegetable enhances its taste a lot.

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