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    Eat onions with vinegar instead of pickles, the taste as well as health will be good

    How to make vinegar onions at home: If you are fond of eating delicious food and are looking for healthy alternatives to pickles, you can make vinegar onions at the restaurant sitting at home. Not only does it enhance the taste of your food, it also does not harm your health. As a result of regular consumption, starting from digestion, immunity is also maintained. In fact, onions themselves are a super food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. The B9 vitamins and folate present in it keep the heart healthy as well as the intestines healthy. When we store it in vinegar, it increases the probiotic content and it produces a special enzyme which is very important for our health. A Chinese study found that when we put onions in vinegar, it also regulates cholesterol levels.

    Keep these things in mind when making onion vinegar

    Use small onions all the time

    If you want to make onions with vinegar like in restaurants, use only small onions for this. In fact, the smaller the size of the onion, the better the taste.

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    Cut like this

    To make the vinegared onion, you need to make a cut so that it sticks together and turns into four parts. Place these onions in a ceramic pot or a glass container. Never cut the whole half.

    How to make onion vinegar

    Put a pan on the gas and add 1 teaspoon of sugar and prepare the caramel. Now add another 1 cup of water. Then boil with 1 teaspoon whole black pepper and 1 bay leaf. With it, your vinegared onion will be long lasting and will not spoil. Now put 1 cup of normal water with green chillies in the container in which the onion should be kept. Now strain 1 cup white vinegar and boiling water.

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    If you want to bring red color like the market, you can use Jamun Vinegar. If it is not available, you can add pieces of beetroot to it. Place this onion in a glass container. You can save it for one week.(Denial: The information and data provided in this article is based on general information. Hindi News 18 These do not confirm. Please consult the relevant experts before implementing these.)

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