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    Cookie Recipe: Make delicious cookies for Christmas guests, everyone will love it

    Cookie recipe: If there are no cookies in the Christmas celebration, the celebration seems a bit incomplete. Everyone loves cookies made with butter and cream. Cookies have become a very popular food and are easily available in stores. But making cookies at home for Christmas for family and friends is different. The joy of cookies is enough to add sweetness to the celebration.
    This Christmas, if you are thinking of making cookies at home, we are going to tell you an easy recipe to make at home. Delicious cookies can be easily made by following this recipe.

    Ingredients for making cookies
    Butter – 100 g
    Castor sugar – 125 g
    Soaked fruit – 150 g
    All purpose flour – 150 g
    Eggs – 3
    Vanilla essence – 10 ml
    Baking soda – 5 g

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    How to make cookies
    If you want to make cookies for Christmas celebrations, first take butter, sugar and cream and mix the three together. Hand mixers or stand mixers can be used to mix these. Mix all these ingredients until the cookie flour is light and fluffy. Add eggs and mix well with sugar and butter. Next, add the vanilla essence to the cookie flour.

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    Now add the eggs to the cream butter and sugar mixture and mix well. Be careful not to break the cream mixture and beat the eggs too much otherwise they may become full of air. Now add dry ingredients to the cookie mixture and mix well. Then add baking soda. Now shape the cookies to your desired size and arrange the soaked fruits in it. Now bake them at 180 degrees. This way your delicious cookies are ready for Christmas.

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