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    Christmas 2021 Special Recipe: Put Butter Garlic Mushrooms For Christmas, Guests Will Be Happy Too

    Butter Garlic Mushroom Recipe: Christmas is celebrated with great pomp in many parts of the world. According to sources, the festival is celebrated from December 25 to January 5. Usually people look forward to Christmas cakes. However, there are many other things that can be celebrated. Those who have a party at home, they keep cookies, roasted potatoes, roasted chicken, etc. for Christmas.

    If you don’t like meat, you can try the Butter Garlic Mushroom Recipe for the 2021 Christmas Dinner Feast. This is a fun meal. It is also very easy to make. You can make it dry or gravy.
    What do you need to make butter garlic mushrooms? (Butter garlic mushroom ingredients)

    -2 cups mushrooms
    – 2 teaspoons garlic
    – 2 teaspoons oregano
    -4 teaspoons butter
    Salt to taste
    – 1 teaspoon black pepper powder

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    Method of Butter Garlic Mushroom
    To make butter garlic mushrooms, first wash the mushrooms well with water. Then fill a pot with water and heat it on gas and boil the mushrooms till they become soft. Next, heat a pan over medium heat and melt the butter in it. Add the garlic as soon as the butter is lightly melted, otherwise the butter may turn black.

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    Mix butter and garlic well, stir and cook. Now put mushrooms in it. Top with black pepper, oregano and salt. Cook over medium heat, stirring, for 10 minutes. Finally put finely chopped coriander leaves on it. You can also add chili flakes if you want. Serve hot. Vinegar can also be added while adding black pepper powder and salt to enhance its taste. Cream or milk can be added to make gravy.

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