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    Bajre ka Malida: Have you ever eaten Bajre ka Malida? Get amazing benefits

    Bajre Ka Malida: Very few people like to eat market bread, especially today’s youth. But once you try the malida made from buckwheat bread, you will definitely want to eat it again. Because malida made with buckwheat bread is delicious to eat. Sometimes it even satisfies the craving for sweet food very easily.

    Not only this, with the help of Malta you can do many things for your health and warmth. Because the effect of buckwheat is hot. Other things used in it are also beneficial for health. So today let us tell you how to make malida from buckwheat bread.

    How to prepare Bajra Roti Malida

    It is very easy to make buckwheat bread malida. For this, first make banar bread. Then break the bread well by hand. Can keep as thick or fine as desired. Then apply it well with molasses.

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    If you want, you can grind the molasses finely with a rolling pin. Butter the molasses in such a way that there is no blemish. After that, mix the bread and molasses well and add two-three spoons of desi ghee in it. If you want, you can also mix dried fruits according to your taste and ability. Then make laddu of this mixture or serve hot like pudding. Made delicious buckwheat malida.

    So it is beneficial

    As well as being gluten free, buckwheat contains calcium, manganese, phosphorus, fiber, magnesium, vitamin B and many types of antioxidants. So at the same time molasses is rich in nutrients like protein, potassium, good fat, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamin-B, calcium, copper and zinc.

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    Eating these two things together helps a lot for health. It keeps the body warm, filling the lack of blood in the body. It satisfies hunger and keeps the digestive system healthy.(Denial: This Essays Inside Gave Gone Information And Notification General Faith Feathers Based Huh, Hindi News 18 Them Confirmation No. By Is, Inside Feathers The death penalty To do From The first Connected Expert From Communication To do,

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