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    True Story Review: ‘True Story’ is a wonderful crime thriller mini-series

    Kevin Hart is truly an amazing stand up comic. His popularity can be gauged from the fact that he has 129 million or about 130 million followers on Instagram. At one point, he was invited to host the Oscars, but his tweets and stand-up videos caused controversy and he had to leave the show. A mini-series of his has recently been released on Netflix called ‘True Story’. The specialty of this series is that many of its scenes are taken from Kevin’s personal life. Kevin, the author of this series, talked about many accidents and mishaps in his life. He tweeted it a bit and put it in the series and you’ll be able to see Kevin’s internal conflict in these scenes. Although this mini-series is well-made and not completely commercial, it has a lot of potential to choose from.

    The story is about two brothers, Kid (Kevin Hart) and Carlton (Wesley Snipes). Kid is about to get a divorce from a stand-up comic, actor and his wife. Unable to do any work properly, his elder brother Carlton, who is an expert in the industry, is sitting with a loan of lakhs of rupees from the market. Kidd is upset about his brother’s behavior but wants to help him. Her brother, on the other hand, with his deceitful mind, starts extorting money from Kid by involving him in a fake murder story. Kid gets killed while trying to save himself and things get complicated. In the fight to remove the evidence, one incident after another happens that the child also gets upset. After several pranks, Kidd learns about his brother’s reality. Eventually Carlton’s creditors chase after him to finish him off. Taking advantage of this, Kid first shot the thugs and then killed his brother. The child defended himself by telling police that it was a shootout.

    What did Kevin Hart do? Some of the events in the series are drawn from Kevin’s personal life, such as his encounter on a plane with a fan that embarrasses Kid with his racist jokes. Kevin himself is a very famous celebrity, so as a celebrity he struggled with strange problems, he also came in this series frequently. There is also a living example of how celebrity fans cross any Laxman line when expressing their love. A Kid fan follows them and makes a video of Kid and Carlton’s bodies being disposed of. How the kid handles the fan, deletes the video showing a little love, a little greed and a little false friendship, these scenes are worth watching. Wesley Snipes is a seasoned, strong actor. He has done a great job in the role of brother-in-law. The whole scheme is the product of his mind, but it is not understood for a long time. Proud of his younger brother’s money, asking him for money to save his flop business and then pretending to save his brother, he kills the child’s fan at the hands of thugs, yet he has no remorse on his face. Finally, when Kid tells him that the secret of his whole plan has been revealed, he still shows remorse for not robbing his brother, but he is not ashamed to admit his mistake.

    There are more actors in the mini series. Kid’s bodyguard Herschel (William Catlett), his manager Todd (Paul Edelstein) or Kid’s fan Jean (Theo Rossi) play the main characters who are just as amazing. Theo Rossi in his small character has made everyone emotional and has shown the attitude of a devoted fan very nicely. The authors of this series are amazing. In addition to Matthew Kellard, Eric Newman (author of the world-famous series Narcos and Narcos Mexico) has composed each scene very carefully. The script is nowhere slow. There is endless movement on the screen. Even the child’s standup acts are well woven into the story. Authors such as Glenda L. Richardson, Cameron Litvak, Devon Shepard, Jenica James, and Jessica James have also found the plot interesting. Another good thing about this series is its art direction Jacqueline. The costumes worn by each artist in different scenes also change with the demands of the story. Derica Cole Washington has taken care to ensure that each character’s personality is reflected in the clothes and colors they wear before them.

    True Story is a great mini-series. This is unlikely to be the second part, meaning Season 2 will not come. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. This is a victory for its writers and directors. Its actors win. Don’t forget to look

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