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    Review: The MeToo movement was started by Tarana Burke in 2006 but for many years it did not find any specific research but it was suppressed and crushed in the male-dominated society. In 2017, famous actress and activist Alyssa Milano gave a new direction to the movement through her tweets, making the movement a national and then an international headline. After that, not only in Hollywood, but in many countries of the world, many men have had to quit their jobs, resign or be fired. Also Alyssa Milano has always established the image of a thoughtful actress with her opinions and her struggles. Although he has faced bitter insults, bad trolling and fierce opposition on social media for this, his own thinking has always stood and stood firm. So when Alyssa was chosen to play the lead role in the movie “Brazon” based on the famous author Nora Roberts’ book “Brazen Virtues”, millions of people protested, even Nora had to write that she is a supporter of Alyssa. And Nora has full support for her choice in this role. Brazen was released on Netflix on January 13, 2022.

    Brazen’s story is like a typical crime thriller, and most of Nora Roberts’ books are in the same mood, so there will be a general reaction from viewers – I’ve seen it in several movies already. There are many flaws in the film as a plot and worst of all, it is not at all clear what kind of audience the film is made for. There is a big hand of marketing behind Hollywood movies. The 5 Ps of product, price, promotion, space and people i.e. marketing determines everything from development of a film to distribution. Brazen’s problem is that he has been left out. Shortly after the start of the picture, it became clear who could be suspected of bleeding and who was more likely to be the culprit. There is no fear in the murder scene, there is no thrill in the espionage done in search of the killer. Therefore, even if you are thinking of looking shameless, stop it because the elements of criminal investigation are not properly threaded into it.

    Kathleen (Emily), sister of successful crime novelist Grace (Alyssa), works as a schoolteacher and model on an adult website. Kathleen’s bleeding. With the help of Kathleen’s neighbor Detective Ed (Sam Page), Grace tries to solve the case. This time, another girl working on an adult website is bleeding. The case is barely progressing. Since Grace is a crime novelist, she helps the police conduct an official investigation. Students at Kathleen’s school were also questioned. Meanwhile, another model was fatally attacked and survived. The real killer was caught with the help of a police investigation and Grace’s brain. The most important thing in serial murder is to find the pattern. Brazen’s pattern is very simple, so Kathleen’s customers are skeptical of adult websites. The real killer of these customers may be the person who knows the real identity of these models, a resident of the same city and knows any one of the three very well. The audience understands this, but it takes a long time for the police and Grace to investigate.

    Curiously, viewers can understand within 10 minutes of Kathleen’s murder, who the killer is and why she committed the murder, but the police who have been investigating the murder for many years and Grace who have been murdered for many years. One novel after another is written, finally the killer is recognized by the audience. Lots of amazing murder mysteries like Zodiac, Murder on the Orient Express, Seven or Clue. In addition, novelists such as James Hadley Chase, Earl Stanley Gardner, and Agatha Christie have written hundreds of novels investigating the murder. In addition, Nora Roberts’ book Brazen Virtues (on which the film is based) was published in 1989. When making a film based on the murder mystery novel, it is important to add suspense and thrill to the screenplay and the identity of the real culprit is kept secret till the end of the film. There is no such thing as a brazen movie.

    The screenplay by Edith Svensson, Donald Martin and Suzette Couture is exhausting. The romantic dialogues are also very carefully laid out, which seems to be the complete opposite of the theme of the photo. Shawn Kirkby’s production design doesn’t convey a sense of suspense, nor does editor Christopher Smith’s scissors. Director Monica Mitchell has directed dozens of television films and television series. This is another picture of the same episode and needless to say, it is very annoying. When writers and directors misunderstand the audience and the audience feels as thrilled as they write or direct, a film like Brazen is made. Due to its release on Netflix, it will have millions of viewers but hardly a few thousand likes. Not a true romantic thriller or murder mystery, but shameless looking inviting headaches and proving yourself a fool.

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