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    Review: The more boring the book, the more boring the web series was built on The Great Indian Murder.

    ‘The Great Indian Murder’ Review: The number of ordinary people working in the post of Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who know the nature of development is less. As soon as it is said that Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle made his ‘Question-Answer’ book, which won an Oscar, many people know. Then you remind Slumdog with Irrfan, Dev Patel and Frida Pinto and many more people get involved and you remind me that there is an Oscar movie that had the song “Joy Ho” and that also won an Oscar, so the number of experts in the film has reached millions. . The success of the film was such that every Indian in America claims to be a resident of Slumdog Millionaire’s country.

    As a development, after the success of his first novel, he wrote a second novel in 2008 – Six Suspects. It had a story of Uttar Pradesh politics, a little Jessica Lal murder case was also added. As much fun as it was to read “Q&A”, it didn’t come to Fun Six Suspect, because the development writing work was going on and he made some distance from the formula of commercial writing. Now the way the book was annoying, the web series “The Great Indian Murder” published on Disney + Hotstar on February 4 has become very annoying.

    Tigmanshu Dhulia is a very talented director who has an idea about the reality of politics in Uttar Pradesh. Perhaps he had read the novel, then thought of Uttar Pradesh, but the novel was based in Chhattisgarh. The film adaptation of Bikash Swarup’s novel was done by highly talented Vijay Maurya and Puneet Sharma along with director Tigmanshu. The book, which could have been turned into a movie because of not stopping the pen while writing, turned into a seven-and-a-half hour web series. Everything is done in slow motion. Every effort has been made to explain each character. The murder mystery is always seen in the first episode of those who are always accused of bloodshed, but nothing like that happens here, that is, a little more has to be endured.

    For several episodes, police detectives were not seen rushing to the party to investigate the video shoot or photography that was taking place. The investigation revealed full details of the bodies first, then the location and then who was there. There is no mention of an autopsy, no mention of making a gun, no mention of how far the shots were fired. There is no mention of who was standing where the shots were fired. When did the murder investigation become so weak?

    The suspense that lasted until the fourth episode will end soon. The first two or three episodes don’t even have a killer air. A scene so important and so cheaply shot, the symbol Gandhi reached the party rubbish and recovered a shot cartridge from there. If he thought and did this so easily, it would seem that the audience would be considered foolish. Even those who have read the book are bored to the point of reading half the book. There was also the full opportunity to work on the writing table and the editing table in the web series. Whether it will be the story of a police investigation or a conspiracy to untie the knot remains. However, the writer’s circle focused on many small things that were not so necessary for the story but were the work of the writers’ keen eyes. Is the scene of Pratik Gandhi’s first meeting with Binit Kumar his real identity or the scene of the meeting between Pratik and Richar Canteen.

    Jatin Goswami has played the role of Vicky Rai and has done a great job. The future is bright. After each of her scenes, she gets a little more annoyed. The symbol Gandhi is on the way to being typecast. He must either keep his distance from the game of the perfect man or he will be free from the mysterious smile. Richa Chadda’s character is meaningless. Having a female police officer also seems unnecessary. No one else did this character and Richa did not add any novelty to the character. Ashutosh Rana’s silent smile is deadly. He is in good character. When his secretary calls him and says that there is Suraj Yadav from CBI, he says “speak” on the phone in a very careless manner. A state home minister and a politician for many years has never been afraid of the CBI and Ashutosh Rana has proved it by just talking.

    Raghubir Yadav’s overacting and romance with Himanshi Chowdhury did not go down well. Himanshi has started to be typecast. Sharib Hashmi’s dialogue delivery is the same, only the role is different. In this his character never grows properly. The other two or three dozen characters are coming and going. In the game of politics, only two of them are pawns, one is Ashutosh Rana and the other is his partner Binit Kumar. The character of Paulie Dame takes a good entry, comes to the murder party, but then gets lost. There’s also Larry Page, an American character for humor, who doesn’t know what to do with the story. Rucha Inamdar also comes, he could be suspected of murder, but the character loses air in the middle of the story. Looking at Shashank Aurora, Deepraj Rana and Mani in the same character one can say that they will never kill, yet they come up many times in the story.

    A great editor would have saved this web series, but alas, Prathamesh Chande and Unnikrishnan Parameshwaran may not have been able to work with Tigmanshu and were allowed to play a longer character. The cinematography of Rishi Punjabi is also excellent. Very dark in some scenes. The murder scene could have been created by Marquee but it was dealt with in the last 10 seconds of the first episode and then directly in the last 10 seconds of the last episode. Attempts were made to give some twist to the story but it was revealed in the next scene.

    The web series is produced by Ajay Devgn and features Preeti Sinha, daughter of former IMPA president Binoy Sinha. Soon millions of viewers will see this web series as the statistics begin to come in and everyone will think that the series is a hit but after such a messy story and tasteless chewing gum-like episode, this web series should be fully rewarded. Observers, especially those who have read the book. The gun was recovered from six suspects, only two, the third’s gun fell there. The shooter who finally fired came to the party, how it is not considered necessary to hide his secret without invitation. You understand from this web series.

    Well, don’t waste your time. There is nothing great about this series. You will go at his speed. To save time

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