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    Review: The first season of Your Honor Season 2 was good

    Revaluation: When you watch a web series where you see a judge acting outside the law, at first this character seems like a mess, but gradually it becomes clear that the judge is only acting on his son’s attachment. Dhritarashtra became emotionally disturbed when he saw the boy’s addiction, then he was a district court judge. The second season of Your Honor has recently been released on Sony Live and since the story of the first season has been taken forward, one or two new characters are not bothered. No new season of this series is expected. The series is strong because the actors are all top notch and the direction is good when the series is the official adaptation of a famous series in Israel.

    The plot of the Israeli web series called Quodo is going on. An honest judge, whose judgment always distinguishes between right and wrong, is concerned for his only son. Suddenly he learns that his son has hit a motorcyclist on the highway with his car. It is seen that the eldest son of a Mafia Mudaki family riding a motorcycle. The judge hijacked the car with the help of a friend. Another mafia, due to the intervention of the Pandit family, this friend of the Judge lost his life and the king of this mafia family, Pandit was also killed. The judge tries his best to save his son and weaves a net so that he is trapped.

    The mafia family wants to take revenge on their son and the judge to save their son. The son of the Mudaki family survived, but was left completely paralyzed by a brain injury. He did not take revenge after he recovered, so the judge shot and killed him. The story of Season 2 is ahead. The judge wants to compromise with the mafia family as the judge’s son is in jail in the accident case. On the other hand, another mafia family still wants an account of the judge’s wife and her dead friend. After a long race, life begins to get back on track, then another accident occurs when the judge loses his son.

    Since the web series is an adaptation, there is not much to do in terms of story and screenplay, but the writer duo Neeraj Pandey (not the director) and Ishan Trivedi have done a good job in Indianization. The story is set in Ludhiana and the characters are also given a local color. The writing has to be appreciated, a lot of detailing has been done, the characters are also working hard. Atlas of the Jimmy Shergill web series. They have stuck to age. Even after so many years, honesty and innocence have emerged on the face. As a judge, he has decided to put his feelings aside, but when it comes to himself, he is ready to go through anything. Jimmy is very good in his character. Varun Badola is in the role of his friend. Varun works less but works very well. We turn the personality according to the character.

    He dies at the end of Season 1, but in Season 2 his wandering spirit serves to show the judge’s inner conflict, such as guilt consciousness. The characters of Gulshan Grover and Mahi Gill are frozen in season 2. Because of the good actors they protect the weakness of the screenplay in many places. If Mita Vashisht’s forced Punjabi accent is ignored, he gives Judge Jimmy a tough fight. Mita has her acting experience and has taken her character to a different level.

    Some of the characters have appeared in Season 2 but could have worked without them. Zeeshan Qadri plays an important role. To avenge his brother’s death, he seeks to settle accounts with the judge and his friend’s wife. He has become the leader of Bhaiya Gang of UP in Ludhiana or Bihar. The language is mixed and Punjabi is not spoken, so it seems that the taste of Gangs of Wassepur is still alive. Her clothes, her T-shirt, her phone or the ringtone of Bhojpuri songs on that phone, all sounded great but she kept acting on it.

    Co-directed by E Nibas and Abdul Aziz Khokar. There is no point in adding adaptations as these are frame by frame adaptations, yet the director pair should be commended for keeping the story interesting and full of speed. Your Honor Season 2 is not as strong as Season 1 because in Season 1 you are introducing yourself to the cast and characters and you have to understand everything from scratch. In Season 2, you won’t see anything unexpected so there’s no shock Watching both seasons together can be a bit overwhelming but each episode sticks to you and each episode ends at a stage where watching the next episode becomes mandatory. It is a victory for writers and directors. Don’t forget to look

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