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    Review: ‘Inside Edge Season 3’ has the real look of sports administration mess

    Web Series ‘Inside Edge Season 3’ Review: Can be a content creator, editor of a TV or newspaper-magazine, or content manager of a website; Everyone understands one thing very well. Movies, crime and cricket, these three subjects, whatever is written, everyone is very interested. Many times people can be attracted by their fictional stories to increase circulation or increase visits to web sites. If a producer-director makes something that has movies, crime and cricket in it, i.e. ‘Three in One’, then it is bound to be a hit. ‘Inside Edge Season 3’ was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. Like the first two seasons there is cricket, there are movies, there is crime. The third season shows the mess behind the sports administration, so a lot of research has been done on it and the presentation of the film is a bit less. Fans of the good web series and those who watch the first two seasons will find this season even better.

    Looking at the inside, one can understand that cricket, which is not the national sport of our country, is still the biggest sport in our country because decades ago its administration came into the hands of some people who used it as a medium. Make money Cricket was not a game, it has become a business. With the advent of T20 cricket tournaments, the duration of each game has become shorter and the money has increased. No one has a major role in Inside Edge. All characters are important, vital, and each has its own ability to increase or decrease the speed of the story.

    In Season 3, the lead role is played by Bhai Sahab i.e. Cricket Board Chairman Yashvardhan Patil (Amir Bashir). Aamir has been working in television and film for a long time but he will benefit a lot from Inside Edge. As a horrible and ruthless administrator, a father is embarrassed to see his corruption story unfold before his daughter. The second important role is played by his brother Vikrant Patil alias Vikrant Dhawan i.e. Vivek Oberoi. Vivek did a great job in Season 2 as well. Conscience is very tough as a clever and accomplished businessman. He also played the role of a villain in a movie called Raktacharitra. His work in this web series is also remarkable. Richa Chadda as Zarina is the pivot that gives rise to conflict, conflict and crime in this web series. Looking at Richa Chadda in this role, one can easily understand the tendency of movies like cricket. Richa is a great actor, great.

    Tanuj Birwani as Vayu Raghavan and Sayani Gupta as Rohini Raghavan have been proving themselves repeatedly since season 1. The graph of Tanuj Birwani’s character is very nicely made. They are cricketers, girls die on those they take advantage of, they also take drugs, they are talented cricketers but when they truly love they start to see their life properly. He likes no emotion other than anger and revenge and he keeps himself away from any emotional situation. Sayani’s character in the role of her sister has also been created after a lot of research.

    Mantra Yashvardhan Patil’s character Sapna Pabi is beautiful and also talented, only there is a little problem in his dialogue delivery. Renuka Shahane has a small but important character. The role of Akshay Oberoi and Siddhanta Gupta is small but they have done a great job. The character who has left the most impression this season is Amit Sial in the Devendra mixed character. It is a matter of understanding how to name a character with a mixed title, Devendra. Jatin Gulati as Pritish, Himanshi Chowdhury as Bikrant’s wife Sudha, Manu Rishi as Manohar Lal Hander and Flora Saini as Ayesha have remained from the first season and despite their small roles, their arrival story takes a new turn every time.

    Karan Anshuman is the creator of Inside Edge, who is a great writer as well as a great director. Enough to test his talent for doing two things. On the one hand, the web series “Mirzapur” set in the general area of ​​Uttar Pradesh, on the other hand, “Inside Edge” is being run mainly in the bedrooms of money living in Mumbai-Delhi. As a result of his thinking, Inside Edge has got the third season and where the story stands, it seems that the fourth season will also come. With Neeraj Udhwani, Ananya Modi, Vatsal Nilkanthan, Vaibhav Bishal and Nidhi Sharma in the writing team, this season has been very tight. Neeraj Kumar, a Delhi police officer who later became the joint director of the CBI, could not help but admire the series as the writing team did a lot of research.

    In one scene, the story of the bribes paid by the sports administration and the presidents of various cricket boards seems to have been worked out by the writers. Neeraj Kumar is the policeman of India, which is why all the stories like match fixing, illegal betting, crime and blackmail of players came to the fore and India went through a huge cricket scandal. He has written books on selected cases handled by him as a police officer and has uncovered the secrets of betting syndicates, Dubai, Nepal, money laundering, hawala and many more. The story of becoming the president of the cricket board shown in this series seems so authentic that the spectators started hating cricket.

    Season 3 of Inside Edge is much stronger than the first two seasons. Due to good writing and good acting, this season is also being liked, although like the first two seasons, its publicity has also decreased. It could be that Bob Biswas and Suryavanshi are releasing the second OTT on the same day, so Amazon didn’t feel the need to spend money on it. The work of Vivek Shah, the cinematographer of the series, is correct because most of the scenes in the web series are interactive, and there is very little opportunity to do anything but bust shots in intimate settings. The third season of the web series has also been done better than the first two seasons. This is a must see if you can spend 7 hours and 28 minutes. However, if you haven’t seen the first two seasons, don’t watch the third because the episodes of the story can’t be seen connected.

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