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    Knife Movie Review: Nusrat Varucha ‘Scared’ Has Frightened Viewers

    Mumbai: Many remakes have been made in Bollywood. These remakes are sometimes foreign and sometimes regional movies. ‘Chhori’ starring Nusrat Varucha and Mita is also a remake of Marathi film ‘Lapachapi’. Which was released in 2016. ‘Chhori Review’ is directed by Vishal Furia. The Marathi version was also directed by Vishal Furia.

    Star cast Nusrat Varucha, Mita Basisht, Rajesh Jais and Sourav Gayal.

    The story of ‘Chori’ is the story of an 8 month pregnant witness (Nusrat Bharucha) and Hemant (Sourav Gayal). Witness Hemanta is living her beautiful and beautiful married life. Hemant has taken a loan from someone to run his business, to whom he is unable to repay the loan. Due to which these people become thirsty for autumn blood to repay the loan. Due to which Hemant and Sakshi think of leaving their house and going somewhere else.

    Then a driver Kajla brought them home. But, Witness and Hemant arrive at a place where there is no one around them except the desolation. This place also has its own horror story. Witnesses find the driver’s wife in this place, which is somewhat mysterious. Witnesses also saw three children and a woman here. These are the evil forces from which the witness must protect himself and his child. Now you have to look at the picture to see if the witness is able to protect himself and his child from this evil shadow.

    There are some characters in the film who are living their character to the fullest. In addition to intimidation, the film also conveys a social message. Nusrat Bharucha plays a pregnant woman who is worried about her child. Nusrat, who has so far played a glamorous and bold character, looks great on her in the role of an ordinary woman. Mita Basishta also looks great in the role of Vanno Devi. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The story line of the photo is quite spectacular.

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