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    Jonas Brothers Family Roast Review: Learn How To Roast Jonas Brothers Family

    Review: In December 2014, AIB, an Indian content maker called ‘AIB Knock Out’, uploaded a 54-minute long video to YouTube. In this infamous video, producer-director Karan Johar and two film stars Ranbir Singh and Arjun Kapoor were horribly ridiculed. It contained not only slanderous language, but also low jokes and obscene humor ‘under the belt’. Abroad, this format is called ‘Roast’ and MTV has played a very important role in promoting this program format. One or more celebrities are invited to the roast and then their family members, their friends, acquaintances, coworkers, etc. make fun of that celebrity. Her character and personality have been torn down to reveal her life, reveal her privacy and most interestingly bring her to the floor. AIB did India’s first and probably last roast show after which he apologized, removed the video, there were dozens of police cases against him but he has benefited the most from this roast.

    Netflix introduces the famous musician brothers; Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas were roasted and their family and friends made fun of them together. Like watching this roast. There are many reasons for this but we should know some. If you are shocked to see AIB’s roast then this roast is quite decent. No foul language was used for no reason and no obscene language was used.

    The Jonas brothers are popular all over the world, but in Roast there is a face that looks like a normal looking person can make money on merit. The wives of the Jonas brothers were also included in the roast, revealing some of the special secrets of their husbands and their strange habits.

    We all know Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas brothers. He married Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, who is 10 years older than him, a few years back and they have been maintaining this relationship till now. The host of the roast was Emmy Award winner Keenan Thompson, himself a renowned standup comedian and television actor.

    In Roast, Priyanka Chopra jokes about her husband Nick, where Daniel, wife of elder brother Kevin, talks about her husband’s habits. Middle brother Joe Jonas, whose wife is the star of Sophie Turner’s famous web series ‘Game of Thrones’, has been seen being the victim of his wife’s boastful dialogue.

    When Priyanka married Nick, she was ridiculed a lot. He had to endure all kinds of insults. Priyanka has presented the matter in a very funny way. The three Jonas brothers regularly share some photos or videos on Instagram, but after all, all three have less Instagram followers than Priyanka alone. Priyanka teases Nick and says that one thing we both have in common is that I love Nick as much as Nick loves himself, so our pairing continues. Priyanka nods to Nick saying that he is 10 years older than Nick, so Nick teaches him many things like how to use the “Tik Tok” app and in return Priyanka teaches him how to build a successful film career. Nick applauded loudly.

    Kevin’s wife Daniel Kevin said that Kevin has gained a lot of fame but the funny thing is that his daughters themselves do not know how famous they are, or if they are famous. Actress Sophie Turner, wife of Joe Jonas, on the other hand, roasted her husband and said that when he started acting, he thought he would not marry an actor. Seeing Joe Jonas act, he thought he was not an actor, there would be no harm in marrying him.

    Stand-up comedian Pete Davidson, YouTuber of Indian descent Lily Singh, actor Jack Whitehall, singer John Legend and many more were invited to the Jonas Brothers family roast. Seeing this roast, it seems that roast means to make fun of yourself. His purpose is to bring out some of the top secrets of his life through friends, but not to lose the dignity of the language, to insult or show off. Roast is a very fun mode. It can insult the polite and humble. Your work can be made fun of and the person who is being roasted also knows that he has to take his class today, so he takes it for fun too. The Jonas brothers were also seen pulling each other’s legs.

    Must see this roast. How to throw ‘adult only’ jokes without being obscene or what the real roast is. Those who are shocked to see the roasts of Ranbir Singh and Arjun Kapoor should especially enjoy.

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