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    IPC 420 Review: The ending of the film is already known but it is fun to watch

    Seeing Vinay Pathak and Ranbir Shore together on screen reminds me a lot. Both comedy movies or television comedy shows. Sometimes the two have been seen playing serious roles in some serious films. When Vinay Pathak appeared on the screen, it seemed that Ranbir would come soon. And Ranbir’s condition was such that his arrival, that is, the drop of humility of the reader, seemed certain. Now if the two of them are seen together in a crime drama film on Zee5, hope is awakened. In the IPC 420 film, Binoy Pathak plays a criminal and Ranbir is a public prosecutor who wants to punish him. Competition of competition, of thorns.

    Director Manish Gupta has made a film based on his own story, IPC 420. Vinay Pathak is a poor chartered accountant who works to file income tax and human returns. One of his clients is accused of embezzling thousands of crores of rupees and the CBI is also investigating against Binoy. Although nothing is available. After a while, Binoy was arrested by one of his clients for stealing three checks worth Rs 50-50 lakh. The trial begins. Binoy’s lawyer is Rohan Mehra and the government’s lawyer is Ranbir Shore.

    This 90-100 minute film captures the court case and related issues very well. This is the second film of Binod Mehra’s son Rohan after the market. He has also acted well in this film. He has become a bit of a tactical lawyer and with his cunning, Vinay is able to prove his innocence to the reader, but Binoy has to pay a high price in return.

    The film stars Gul Panag and Arif Zakaria in important roles. Gul Panag has appeared after a long hiatus and the story can be understood by reading his facial expressions. The audience is intelligent and understands the end. Before the climax of the film came, Binoy Pathak also revealed the secret. Rohan does the rest with his detective mind. Binoy and Ranbir are both Ayre type actors. It doesn’t take them long to play any kind of character.

    This time Ranbir has played the role of a Persian lawyer. She has no dialogue delivery but her look and demeanor are completely Percy. Sanjay Gurbakshini is outstanding in the role of judge. The way a judge does not tolerate stunts and frivolous conversations in his court and pays attention to the interrogation of a senior lawyer, Sanjay takes the matter very closely.

    Director Manish Gupta has earlier written films like D, Sarkar and James for Ram Gopal Verma. The mystery he directed about the Aarushi murder case was also an excellent film. The best example of Manish’s writing is Ajay Bahl’s Courtroom Drama Section 375 However, Manish has also written a great screenplay for this film In just 100 minutes, he wrote scenes in and out of the courtroom that did not require him to work very hard as a director. The film was shot instantly and the producers must have been happy too.

    The costumes are designed by Jyoti Singh. The costumes in which the characters of Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag are seen match the color of the picture perfectly. Photographers Arvind Kannabiran and Raj Chakraborty have done wonderful work in small space shooting. Senior composer Ranjit Barot and director Manish Gupta’s old troupe Som Dasgupta did not make much of an impact in the background music. Editor Archit Rastogi is to be commended for not letting the story go astray even for a short time. The shot was taken symbolically so that the speed of the image remained intact.

    The picture is well made. Must see. This time there is no melodrama in the courtroom drama. The audience knows the end of the story.

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