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    Gehraiyan Movie Review: This movie could not go deep, but Deepika Padukone will take it with her.

    Deepika Padukone, Ananya Pandey, Siddhanta Chaturvedi and the patient film ‘Gehrayan’ have been released on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Shukan Batra, the film deals with the intricacies of relationships and the depth of their inner selves rather than their upper structure. However, it is up to you to decide how right and how wrong you are in a new relationship entangled in four lives. The trailer of this movie created a lot of excitement and since then the comparison started whether Shakun Batra will be able to give a great cinematic experience like ‘Kapur and Sons’ again… must read (Gehrayan Movie Review).

    The story of a complex relationship of four people
    ‘Gheriyan’ is the story of yoga teacher Alisha (Deepika Padukone) who lives in Mumbai with her boyfriend Karan (Dhairya Karva). While Deepika is trying to make her app a success, Karan is a writer whose book is not being completed. Alisha’s cousin Tia (Ananya Pandey) who came to Mumbai from America with her boyfriend Jain (Siddhanta Chaturvedi). Alisha and Tear spent their childhood together but then Alisha’s father left Mumbai for Nasi and Alisha remained middle class. At the same time, Tear’s life is very different from Alisha’s and she is very rich. The four go on a trip to Alibag and start flirting with Jane Alisha and then the equation of the relationship starts to get worse.

    Beautiful Deepika Padukone in a beautiful location
    The good thing about the story is that it is a beautiful location and Deepika Padukone looks very beautiful. Besides beauty, Deepika has brought every emotion on the screen very well. Whether it is anger, sadness, fear or love … you can know everything by looking at their faces. Siddhanta Chaturvedi is also good in terms of acting and you will be able to feel every shadow of her character. Ananya Pandey is also good in her character or say that this will be the first film of her short career where she has got so many connections.

    In this photo, Deepika Padukone is seen wearing a bikini after 9 years.

    The film turns purple with a gray shade
    Hindi films often have the idea of ​​a hero-villain and as a viewer you are able to distinguish between right and wrong. But in relationships, things are not black or white, but everything is gray. The story of Shakun Batra also focuses on this gray… but the real problem starts when the story starts showing this ‘gray’ as purple or blue. The same thing happened in this movie. At the end of this emotional picture, you will only feel one emotion and that is empty – that is exactly what happened to me. I don’t know which character you are feeling the most pain or sympathy for after the film ends, Alisha, Tia, Karan or Jane.

    It is clear that although the four actors appeared together in the campaign, the film is entirely by Deepika Padukone, who is opposite Siddhanta Chaturvedi. Everything about the film is kept from Deepika Padukone’s point of view and Deepika is great in her work. She acts so beautiful and simple on camera that it is very difficult for you to remember that you are looking at Deepika Padukone. But the problem comes when you can’t even feel sympathy for his character in the end. However, you may feel more connection or pain for Ananya Panda because she has been deceived from everywhere.

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    Deepika Padukone’s normal acting will win your heart.

    In the end, I can only say that this picture did not go as far as it should have known and remained quite shallow. From my side 2.5 stars in this picture. 5 points for extra star Deepika Padukone.

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