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    Flight Review: ‘Flight’ is a commendable effort in the genre of flight thriller

    Revaluation: Many action pictures have been made about ‘Flight’ in foreign films. Some of these have become very popular. Nonstop, Passenger 57, Die Hard 2, Flight Plan, Snacks on the Plane, etc. Some time ago, another Hollywood movie, 7500, had a very good portrayal of a flight-related accident. Some attempts have also been made in Hindi films but most of them are associated with hijacking. Neerja, Airlift, Hijack, Hawaiizada and most recently Gunjan Saxena. In Hindi film, no strong action film has been seen about trouble in flight. Released on Amazon Prime Video last month, “Flight” has probably received a new take on in-flight action for the first time. Although there are some shortcomings in the film, this kind of action has been seen for the first time in Hindi film.

    Ranveer Malhotra (Mohit Chadda) flew to Dubai to meet an investor before uncovering major corruption in his father’s aircraft manufacturing company. Corrupt company officials plan to kill him on the plane. When the flight broke, Ranbir saw that the airhostess had been shot. Cockpit closed, parachute cut off, no way to communicate with anyone. The pilots are not responding. This is where the exercise of survival on this moving flight begins. Can Ranbir save the flight, can he save himself, can he punish his corrupt officials; It’s in the next story.

    The picture is very exciting. Director Suraj Joshi comes from the world of commercials and has the ability to speak big in a short time, so this film does not waste time. Once the action starts, the film does not move on any other track. Suraj wrote the story with the film’s protagonist and friends Mohit Chadda and Babita Ashiwal. The story has been worked hard because every scene is tight and not a single character enters the script in that way. Mohit had the honor of being the first runner-up in a reality show called G Senster Ki Khoj in 2004. He has acted in Tamil, Telugu and some Hindi films. She is very beautiful to look at and has a good personality. A Rais looks good as the CEO of an aircraft manufacturing company and did not go beyond the character in the whole film. No superhero effort or action. Along with this there are seasoned actors like Pawan Malhotra, whose roles are small but very important. If Ranbir’s plane goes missing, he does not take any action which is not in accordance with his role. He is seen handling the situation with such restraint without shouting that his acting masterclass is seen again. Zakir Hossain is a minor character of the villain. Zakir’s face lit up. In a few scenes in this film, he proves once again how important it is to understand the character before rolling.

    This is cinematographer Deepak Pandey’s first feature film, so his work is a little less fun. Most of the shooting took place inside the flight, so care was not taken during the shooting. The flight was disrupted after a bomb exploded on the flight. The bizarre scene of teasing the flight from the bathtub also seems unusual. There are a lot of difficulties inside the auto pilot flight that were not shot properly by the photographer. Even giving the responsibility of such a big picture to the editor Rahul Mathur from TV world has weakened the issue a bit. At one moment the bits stop in order, at another moment everything seems normal. There may or may not be excitement in the picture. This is where the relationship with the film ends. There was no chance of singing, yet Smriti Minocha composed the background music.

    The picture is pretty well made. There may be a place for such a picture in Hindi film. In Vikramaditya Motwan’s Trapped film, how the same actor (Prince Rao) is locked in a flat and there is no way to escape or survive. That thing is not seen on the flight. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, but the cost of the special effects seems fairly straightforward. It’s a short film, but the film is strong. Must see.

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