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    Film Review ‘Manadu’: Will be stuck in the time loop of ‘Manadu’

    Film Review ‘Manadu’: Although time loops are rarely shown in movies, some English movies (Groundhog Day, Fifty First Date, etc.) have tried to explain this scientific phenomenon. A very interesting and amazing story about this idea has been created at the conference on the recently released Tamil film ‘Manadu’ i.e. Sony Live. If you’re a seasoned artist, the story adds to the story of the film, but the audience doesn’t even like to get up from the seat if the story and its editing are excellent. Manadu is a similar story, missing a scene can make a difference in understanding the story. Must watch a movie.

    Writer and director Venkat Prabhu has done so much for the audience. Most of his films are comedy or romantic. This time he got into science fiction. This film (Film Review ‘Manadu’) is a new example of Venkat Prabhu’s mastery of filmmaking. At one time the center of the world was Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh and the famous Kalbhairav ​​temple there.

    Actor Silambarasan himself is a fan of Shiva, so he has played the most interesting role in this story. He became Abdul Khaliq, who was born during the riots that followed the demolition of the Babri Masjid. His parents escaped the riots and went to the temple where a Hindu priest saved his life and he was born with the help of the priest’s wife. For example, the story of Ujjain’s king Vikram and Betal shows the cycle of time that every time Vikram catches Betal and Betal tells him the story, at the end of which a question has to be answered. Vikram responds and the demon sits on the tree again. Similarly, Abdul also gets stuck in the time loop.

    Abdul was coming to India from Dubai. The girlfriend was abducted from the wedding of a friend of hers to marry at the registrar’s office. While fleeing after the abduction, his car collided with a branch, police arrived and took Abdul and his friends to DCP Dhanushkodi (S Surya). To avoid the whole thing, Abdul was given the task of going to a political rally and shooting the Chief Minister. To save the lives of his friends, Abdul agreed to do this and as soon as the gun was pulled out the CM was shot and the police came and surrounded Abdul and shot him. The next moment Abdul opens his eyes, he automatically finds himself on the flight from which he was shown to come first.

    From here the time loop begins and Abdul realizes that the DCP and another politician are planning to assassinate the Chief Minister in order to grab his chair. The only way to stop it is for Abdul to go back in time and understand the conspiracy behind the incident and combine all the clues to thwart the plan. Along with the CM, he could save the lives of his friends and eliminate his enemies. At the same time in the whole film, Abdul is shown going back a bit and solving the whole mystery. Abdul’s blood and DCP Dhanushkodi’s blood merged in the time loop and now DCPO is stuck in the same time loop. From here the story becomes doubly interesting. In the end the hero has to win but how he saves the CM one step back, saving a few seconds each time, this story is presented in a tight screen play of 2 hours 27 minutes. There is no chance to get up from the seat even once.

    Silamberson is a member of the film family but he is known as a very outspoken actor. I don’t know at what point he started commenting on Tamil actor Dhanush. There was a lot of misunderstanding between the two and Silamberson was disliked in the industry for his behavior rather than acting. Once at the initiative of Dhanush, both of them sit down and try to understand their differences and then the tension between the two ends. In this film, Silamberson has played the role of Abdul Khalik. There was no opportunity to show the depth of acting in the character. Because there was a lot of depth in the story. No other actor has played this role but Silambarasan has done well in the action sequence. The opposite role of the film is played by DCP Dhanushkodi, a very talented actor SJ Surya. Surya is a successful director, so she can quickly understand the needs of the director. The graph of his character is very beautifully composed. With the exception of a few scenes, his face looks pretty scary. He has done wonderful work in the role of extra confident policeman.

    In the film, Silamberson doesn’t become a superhuman with invisible energy, so the story looks good. Suddenly some divine power comes and does not tell them that they are in a time loop. They try to understand every event and gradually they understand what is the real event? Every time Abdul dies to understand the new mystery and the story comes back to Abdul on the flight again. This is wonderful and exciting. As the story progresses, Abdul realizes that his death will stop the story, so he starts using this trump card. Dhanushkodio, on the other hand, takes a long time to understand the time loop, but that character doesn’t show any magic either.
    The scene of Abdul’s efforts to stop the assassination of the Chief Minister’s associate has become astonishing. The spirit of the story can be understood there. Director Venkat Prabhu has tried to make it a logical film and he has been largely successful. He goes on to tell a story about an unexpected event, a magic, or an inappropriate use of a time loop, the assassination of the Chief Minister, a comedy without words. In this work he was accompanied by his writings and his Brahmastra editor Praveen K.L. Every time Abdul is killed, the chief minister is shot and then another layer of the story unfolds, the editor peels off the onion very finely without making the audience cry.

    The music was composed by young Shankar Raja. Marjian is a wonderful song that sounds very sweet. There is another song that was a promotional song. Everything else is the theme of the instrument. The Manadu theme is fixed in mind. Manadu is the second Indian film after “Django”, another Tamil film based on Time Loop, which seems to be using the time cycle in a very entertaining way to repeatedly get stuck in the same place. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Director Venkat also thanked Hollywood in one fell swoop and kept his film out of the race for that rate. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. It should be seen. To know that such pictures can be made in India too.

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