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    Film Review ‘Madhagaja’: ‘Madhagaja’ is a spice film, but looks quite believable

    ‘Madhagaja’ Film Review: Most Kannada movies are full of spices. Totally in the entertainment department. This has been going on for a long time, many times good stories are not seen, but recently the Kannada movie “Madgaza” has been released on Amazon Prime Video, which is a great spice film as well as quite reliable. . Sometimes there is a different kind of pleasure in watching such movies to get a break from intelligent movies. Look because this picture looks great like an elephant in a maze.

    The story is very formulaic. The leader of a village is a good man, Bhairab Durai (Jagapati Babu) and he always raised his voice for the rights of his villagers. Where the leader of another village is a gangster, he always occupies land, shuts off water, beats. Disturbed by the bloody battle between the two, Bhairab’s wife wants to keep her son away from them and for this reason she hands him over to a fakir. This fakir takes him to Benares and raises him and gives a full report to his mother on the pretext of begging once a year. Bhairab’s son grows up to be Surya Madagaja (Srimurali) and buys and sells disputed property in Benares and so does the washing of goons. Fate takes him to his own village and gradually he learns about his past and then he becomes his father fighting to get rid of the goons, the villagers get what they deserve and in between he falls in love with a girl. All is well whose end is good.

    The main cast is Mr. Murali, who delivers great action as the protagonist of a typical spice film. The story of the film is written by Shankar Raman, Suresh Arumugam and Mahesh Bishwakarma and the dialogue is written by M Chandramouli. The screenplay of the film is tight, except for a few song issues, the film runs in a straight line. The grammar of action and retaliatory imagery has been kept straight without creating any parallel tracks. For editing, Binod Kumar, K Harshvardhan and Arkesh Gowda’s team maintained the momentum of the film and Editor-in-Chief Harish Komme did no exercise. The story is very old so something could be done with its speed and action. Ram Laxman, Umbreve and Arun Raj’s team of three also conducted the action. Gravity mocking stunts are laid out like most Kannada films, but it is not wrong to expect this in a spicy film.

    This is director Mahesh Kumar’s second film and he has done a very good film. The director’s job becomes easier if the audience trusts the characters. A story where there is nothing new, yet making the artists work so that they do not feel strange, is a difficult task in itself. Mahesh has easily justified every redundancy in the film.

    The character of Srimurali seems credible in the story of the protagonist returning from a fictional village to his roots in the dome of Varanasi and then passing through the same eighty ghats. Emotions that can make people cry are controlled so that they do not deviate from the center of the story. Jagapati Babu often becomes a villain, but this time his character is much better and considering his experience he has worked hard on it. Jagapati Babu’s character is a little different. Devyani has also played the role of Surya’s mother very humbly. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Love Story has the same song. Ravi Basru’s music is not only good, a lot of work has been done on the background score of the film.

    The film has two or three main attractions, one being its run time which is only 130 minutes, which makes it fun to watch. Secondly, the pairing of Mr. Murali and Ashika is not only good, Jagapati Babu and Devyani have certainly captivated the audience in some scenes. And the best part is the background score of the picture. Masala is a perfect movie for movie lovers.

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