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    ‘Bob Biswas’ Film Review: Welcome to ‘Bob Biswas’ …

    Bob Faith Film Review: Small narrow streets, old-fashioned markets, the smell of hilsa fish sold in baskets, real teak wood doors and windows, painted walls, small shops with tea stoves, radios or gramophones but a song. R. D. Burman, the man who smoked small goldflakes or Wills navy cut cigarettes, the man who ate rice and wore a half sweater and glasses, the big blonde women with big eyes and big red bindi with loom sari and big neck blouse.

    People who go to work at street corners are planning a day of unemployment by eating luchi (puri) and fried potatoes (potato vegetables). From the center-forward in Mohun Bagan to the hour-long debate over the far-reaching consequences of Vladimir Putin’s visit to India, not to mention, he gathers every evening. Sujoy Ghosh needs eyes to go somewhere in Kolkata, not to reach anywhere. Bob Biswas is an unfamiliar face of Kolkata, but the smell of Kolkata is on his face. Watch Bob Faith’s release on Zee 5.

    In 2012, producer-director Sujoy Ghosh co-wrote a film with writer Advait Kala – ‘Kahani’. The film, starring Vidya Balan, stars Bob Biswas in a pivotal role as a contract killer. Eternal Chatterjee, a powerful actor in Bengali films, played the role of Contract Killer Bob Biswas, who was obese, incompetent, wearing glasses and short of breath. The story of the film is good but Bob Biswas was ‘Namaste’. Amy Bob believes. He was shot in the middle of the forehead with a silenced pistol. Seeing him, I trembled for a moment. Sujoy has now written a complete film for the same Bob Faith character, depicting a part of Bob Faith’s life and the funny thing is that the film ends where the “story” begins. There is a difference, this time Bob is playing the role of Biswas, not Shaswat Chatterjee, but Abhishek Bachchan, a handsome actor who has gained 100 kg.

    The film is directed by Annapurna Ghosh, daughter of Sujoy. Dia has previously worked with Sujoy as an assistant director in ‘Badla’. If the boy’s feet are seen in the cradle, then the girl’s skill can be considered stable before her birth. Dia’s direction will remind you of Sujoy’s “Kahani” movie, but there are some specialties where Dia has done wonderful work. They can understand only by looking at the picture carefully. Sujoy also approached Abhishek to play the role of Bob Biswas in the story, but Abhishek was busy in those days. Then when Bob Biswas started writing the story separately, Sujoy contacted Abhishek again and this time it was effective.

    Similarly, the decision to hand over the management to his daughter was a strange one, but Sujoy wanted to see the film from a new perspective, so he placed such a big responsibility on the shoulders of a young director. Dia did well. RD Burman’s only song in the entire film can be heard on the radio. A strong female character (like most women in Bengal), the number of cigarette smokers is low and in between, the film roams the dark streets even in the dark of night, there are some characters who are in the film and laugh film. Fear and dread, everything comes together. He gave the picture with this.

    Abhishek Bachchan is the best character in life. She decided to be ugly for this character. Smallpox rash, weighing more than 100 kg, amorphous and unprepared body, and a confused look that turns into a horrible but ridiculous contract killer at the end of the film. It is unbelievable that Abhishek would feel so easily Bengali, while mother Jaya Bachchan is a complete Bengali and Amitabh himself is aware of Bengali culture and language. In the film, Abhishek speaks very little in Bengali and the pronunciation is also missing. Chitrangada Singh is extraordinary. Her beautiful appearance in the film may be a curse for her, but she has acted a lot in this character with her eyes. The scene of Amar Upadhyay being beaten with Kolhapuri slippers in the office is wonderful. The scene was a sign that her husband was back and that those who had harassed her should now keep their distance.

    The second best character in the film was Bengali actor Paran Bandyopadhyay. This character of Kali Da is the motto of the film. This character was most suitable for viewing in the whole film. The whole underworld uses this black duck, who runs a homeopathic drug store, supplies weapons, hides his number two income and buries all the secrets of the reverse business in his stomach. Rules are rules, as Kali Da has easily said to explain the essence of life, he gives the example of Sri Krishna’s Kalia Mardan, when the Kalia snake says to Sri Krishna – even if you give it to me, there is. Just poison, so what else do I do? The rest of the actors like Purab Kohli in the role of Holy Rava Yaar Bubai in the role of Dhonu have done so well that they are remembered till the end of the film.

    The film is written by Sujoy and the dialogue is written by Raj Basanta. The conversations are eloquent, funny and as they need it. Not a word seems extra. There are also some places to remember in the picture. Like the Paris bar where Purab Kohli is seen singing another RD Burman song “Carioke”. When Abhishek Bachchan thinks a lot or gets nervous, he goes to Dhoon’s Chaumin cart and gives 3-4 plates of Chaumin. The gun with silencer in Kali Da’s homeopathy shop is called Knox Vomica and the gun without silencer is called Arnica. All this is the result of the fine thoughts of a writer-director. This city also tells new stories at night. The editor is Yasha Ramchandani who has previously edited films like Article 15 or Thappad. This movie is more than 2 hours long but not a single scene was seen in the movie. From the brutality with which the film is edited and presented, it is clear that Yasha prefers the film, not the scenes suggested by the producer or writer. He should be thanked for editing the picture.

    Finally the question arises was Eternal Chatterjee good for the character of Bob Faith? Maybe yes or maybe no. Abhishek Bachchan’s hard work and Abhishek’s excellent performance cannot be forgotten in both the situations. Abhishek has done an excellent job by giving up superstitions. This time the whole series can be made in the character of Bob Biswas. Hello, Bob Biswas (Faith), the awesome character of this character that has the power to scare your soul for a minute. It will shine in more pictures. Watch this movie. Try to find out the name of Sujoy Ghosh and stop the hangover of the story. Each scene will leave you with a different feeling. Welcome Annapurna, and welcome Abhishek Bachchan i.e. Bob Biswas.

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