Monday, August 15, 2022

    During the release of ‘Thalaivi’, Kangana Ranaut said, ‘I will enter politics if people want.’

    Kangana Ranaut is currently discussing her film ‘Thalaivi’. In this film, he played the role of former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa. Kangana, who has been vocal on many issues of national interest, has recently reached the national capital, Delhi. Where, he hinted from the stage that he could enter politics like a movie hero next time. Kangana was accompanied by film producer Vishnu Vardhan Induri.

    Kangana Ranaut spoke on social media at Sting. Some of his fans like it and some troll for the same. Recently, during a press conference before the release of ‘Thalaivi’, when he was asked, ‘Is this film a way for him to enter politics?’ So he spoke his mind.

    In response, the actress said, ‘The film will not be released in Hindi in many multiplexes, multiplexes have always tried to harass the producers. I am a nationalist, I speak of the country because I am not a politician, but I am a citizen of the country. I am happy as an actress when it comes to politics now, but if people like me and support me tomorrow, then I definitely want to come into politics.

    The late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J. Kangana, who plays Jayalalithaa, believes the film is more about Jayalalithaa’s journey and not an attempt to change the mindset of a male-dominated society.

    “Thalaivi has shown that the people who thought they would never be politicians or take care of such an unstable state, not just the chief minister, have won many elections,” he said. Many times and in politics his mentor or advisor ‘MGR’ always supported him. Therefore, this movie shows that at any time men also help a woman to move forward in life.

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