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    Bigg Boss OTT Written Update: Due to Neha Vasin, Bigg Boss cancels task, 5 contestants will be nominated

    Mumbai: ‘The latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ also started with a song like the rest of the day. Nishantha and Muz have been seen dancing together. Neha hugged Vasin and Pratik first and then Shamita Sethi. After that Nishantha asks Divya to have breakfast. That’s when Divya says that whenever she has to do something, she remembers it. Divya tells Rakesh Bapat that no one wishes her good morning. He says I went to befriend Shamita but she did not accept him. Nishant is his best friend, but he likes Mooz and Pratik. She feels alone.

    Seeing Divya sitting alone, Neha went to her and gave her courage. He says everyone here feels alone every day. Next, the Big Boss gives a task to the 5 contestants nominated for elimination in the final round to keep themselves safe. Earlier, Rakesh and Nishant were asked to choose between the two and make their work difficult so that they could not be saved. Everyone laughs.

    Nishantha and Rakesh decide to fight together. Rakesh takes the name of Muz and the symbol. Where Shamita and Neha. Initially, there is no shortage of us names. Rakesh asks Shamita to save him. Nishant says that Shamita and Neha never perform well in the task. He said that symbolism and magic are strong. Although Rakesh calls Shamita strong. If there is no agreement between the two, then Rakesh himself is worried about nominating both of them. In the end, Pratik and Neha both agree on the name.

    After making the decision, he announced. The symbol gets angry at Rakesh. He said he took the symbol name because he is a human being. The symbol says, ‘What do you mean man? Are girls weak? How important is this? Rakesh tells everyone to sit quietly. There is an argument between the two about the strength of the boy and the girl. For this, Pratik also clashed with Shamita.

    After that, Big Boss gives the task. Under this work, three people sitting in the autorickshaw standing in the garden will be safe. This work will be completed in 5 rounds. Symbol and Neha had difficulty, so they were already in danger. Neha herself later refused to complete the work. He seems to be the weakest of tasks and the bad face of other competitors. Due to this the work was canceled. As punishment, the Big Boss nominated five contestants.

    After the task is canceled, there is a quarrel between the family members. The Nishantha symbol is said to be emotional. Neha has expressed her desire not to stay in the house of Bigg Boss. Rakesh also says yes. Shamita and Rakesh quarrel again. Shamita was seen crying after Rakesh left. At the same time, Pratik describes Divya as her sister’s inspiration. Lastly, Big Boss presents the report card, where the public is happy with his performance.

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