Bhojpuri: There is a wave wave in Bhojpuri photo shooting before the third wave wave of Corona.

Bhojpuri: There is a wave wave in Bhojpuri photo shooting before the third wave wave of Corona.

With the opening of the cinema hall with Akshay Kumar’s bell-bottom, the film did not collect as expected, but gradually the number of spectators in the theaters was increasing. Now the movie faces of Amitabh Bachchan and Imran Hashmi are also in the cinema halls. Hollywood Movie V Waiting May Barry Sun. Ja Rahal Bari is a do-go film at the Bihar-Jharkhand Cinema Hall in Bhojpuri. Many big star films of Bhojpuri are waiting for release during Awa Wala. During the last lockdown, some Hindi movie-style films were premiered online.


Eh sab ke fer se bhojpuri filming trailer ari teaser ao ke dara ho gay ba. After watching the promo of your favorite hero and heroine movie with enthusiasm among the audience, let’s find out when the opportunity to watch e-filming came in the cinema hall. Say that the third wave of Raheel or A Corona is being released at the speed of a trailer, the filmmaker-distributor Raheel or found out that in this situation he got a chance to watch the film that the crooked Khajua is also lying. Within a few months, Corona Jawan was confused when he saw Rahul or Okra hitting Ori hard.

Before the third wave of the corona, in the Bhojpuri filming, Lahar ta aohin wala ba, aisan bujha rahal ba. Dinesh Lal Yadav’s superstar Nirhua Bano Wala director Dinkar Kapoor alias KD Fer has come with Nirhua with the film ‘Jan Lebu Ka’. Chukal KD, who was the director of the second unit of Bazigar, Khiladi Jaisan Filming, made important character careers in 2007 from Nirvana Riksawala Lake to Aileen Teh Dinesh Lal to Manoj Tiger, Pakhi Hegde, Sushil Singh, Golu. E-film has been running in many theaters for 2 years. Besides KD Nirhua, ‘Mr. Driver Babu’ also came as his highest paid star. However, after Okra, there was a distance from Bhojpuri. After the ego film in 2019, he did a great job of coming in 2021. The character in the film played the parallel character of Bari Manoj Tiger. The story of Baa Tani Money Fight Sequence based comedy comedy of error. Only time will tell how much the rest of the audience liked Ikra.

Khesari Lal Yadav’s ego film Awa Wala or. Many of these are Bhojpuri films in the background of London. Ohi she ego or ‘steal steal steal steal’. The name is Hindi or many dialogues of this film also seem to be spoken in Hindi. The story of the film is simple. The arrogant rich father’s misguided lyrical marriage disturbs the father because of his father’s troubles, and the son-in-law who takes care of Ori Acre is looking for Rahul Ba. The character of Khesari, who worked as a waiter at the Ego Hotel, would have become his son-in-law when he had the opportunity to earn money on the property. The twist in the story is that Wii Jaan Ke Naikhe Kart or or Obedience A Kehu’s influence.

Location aa filming good ba, e film managed to attract the audience. Khesari’s collaboration with director Banal Rajneesh Mishra, who went from composer to writer, is probably the sixth film. Daunu Jana Ke Jodi made an entertaining movie.

From Southern filming, technicians often come to the Bhojpuri film industry to see popular action sequences. Phir Se Ago Aisane Tim Chintu Pandey’s picture Commando Arjun Le Aile or. V eh beri south se badain a du go badarkar v eh the producers of this film badain baki hai that bhunawal nike gayle promo and kalakaran due to popularity. The trailer has been poorly edited. Maybe the e-strategy of the promotion team. Rao Ramesh seems to be a popular face in the South, his name is also appreciated by the audience. The story of the film is based on the theme of terrorism in the Kashmir Valley. The action sequence T Dumdar or Ab Dekhal Ja had an impact at the box office.

In addition to filming, Ritesh Pandey’s MLA Darjeel, Arvind Akela Kallu’s Vidyapeeth is also awaiting release. It was time to say that the cinema hall was crowded there was silence.

(Author Manoj is a fan of Bhojpuri literature and film.)

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