Tuesday, August 16, 2022

    As soon as Bigg Boss came out, Akshara Singh posted the picture, see how he reacted

    Bigg Boss OT is rocking among the fans nowadays. All the contestants are giving their best for the show. But despite that, Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh and Milind Gaba were out in double elimination this time around in Sunday’s battle. Everyone was shocked when the characters left the show. His fans are supporting it as wrong. Akshara Singh was considered one of the strongest contestants in the show from the very beginning. His fans had high hopes that he would go on till the end of the show. Akshara Singh’s fans are expressing their annoyance after leaving the house. Meanwhile, the actress has shared a special picture of herself.

    Let us tell you that Big has also had a lot of discussions about the game of letters since his sitting down. During this time many of his pictures and videos were going very viral. Now a special picture posted after leaving the show is under discussion. The characters look very beautiful after wearing white and pink clothes. It is written with the caption that this is my response, after coming out and seeing your response, I am very happy ধ thank you all from the bottom of my heart .. love. This post of the actress has gradually spread on social media. Fans love this style of actress. Akshara’s picture is gradually going viral on social media. The photo has received more than 1 lakh hearts.

    Ever since Big sat down, his Insta account has also been very much talked about the game of letters.

    After leaving the house, a video of Akshara Singh also went viral very quickly, so she complained against the producers. He said that those who asked questions after watching the Sunday Ka Bar episode were members of the ‘Bigg Boss’ team. Akshara Singh said, “Those who were sent as spectators to ask questions were members of the group. There were no visitors. The faces of those people were familiar to me. So I just went blank.

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