9 years of Barfi: When Anurag Basu realized that he had made a mistake by proposing ‘Barfi’ to Priyanka Chopra

9 years of Barfi: When Anurag Basu realized that he had made a mistake by proposing 'Barfi' to Priyanka Chopra

Mumbai: Filmmaker Anurag Basu’s film ‘Barfi’ was released on September 14, 2012. The lead actress of the film Priyanka Chopra has played the role of a girl with autism in such a wonderful way that the audience was stunned to see her. He was accompanied by Ranbir Kapoor in the film, who played a deaf and dumb boy named Murphy. In the film, both of them have shown their great remuneration by playing their roles in a very sensitive manner. When Anurag went to Priyanka’s house to cast her in this film, she was restless.


When Anurag Basu was thinking of taking Priyanka Chopra in ‘Barfi’, Priyanka’s picture was coming in front of him. In such a situation, he felt that he did not know how much justice the actress could do in the role of Jhilmil. In an interview to the film champion a few years back, Priyanka said that ‘when Anurag came to meet her at her house, the actress was back from a show at that time. Seeing Priyanka, Anurag said that I think I made a mistake. I think only an autistic girl should be cast. It’s my stupid idea, see for yourself how I expected you for this role ‘.

Priyanka Chopra has played the role of an autistic girl in Ice. (File)

In this matter of affection, Priyanka Chopra explained to him and said give him 5 days and see after the workshop if I can do it. After that what Priyanka did in front of the audience. The removal of Beauty Queen’s tag gave such a great performance that it became one of the best films of her career. The director himself said that it is a difficult task for Priyanka.

Ranbir Kapoor’s performance in this film was quite acclaimed, Priyanka did not get much praise compared to Ranbir. Ranbir’s expression and body language reminded critics of Charlie Chaplin. At the 2011 Filmfare Awards, ‘Ice’ was nominated in 13 categories. Ranbir won the Best Actor award, while Priyanka did not get the Best Actress award. Vidya Balan won the Best Actress award for ‘Kahani’ that year. At IIFA, the film was nominated in 21 categories, here too Ranbir won the Best Actor award and Priyanka missed. Priyanka won the Viewer’s Choice G Cine Award for Best Actress of the Year and the Vidya Jury Award.

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Priyanka has proved her strength by photographing different genres like ‘Fashion’, ‘Seven Murders Forgiveness’ and ‘Ice’. Apart from the prize race, Priyanka’s performance in ‘Barfi’ was admirable. In addition to Bollywood, the actress has acted in many Hollywood films, but even today she considers her film ‘Barfi’ as a milestone in her acting life.

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