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    Delhi: Under the pretext of helping the elderly at ISBT and railway station, BSc graduates snatched trolley bags, caught with 51 bags and 26 mobile phones.

    New Delhi. Gate police in Kashmir under Delhi Police North District have arrested a rogue criminal who was carrying his bag in the name of helping the elderly at the ISBT gate and railway station in Kashmir. The trolley was taken away. The move was registered on October 18 at Gate police station in Kashmir on behalf of a 57-year-old woman from Hisar, Haryana.

    In his complaint, he said that on 18.10.2021 he went to the gate of ISBT, Kashmir from Hisar, Haryana. One was found there and he offered to help carry the bag. After a while he disappeared with his bag, which contained some clothes, a mobile phone, some jewelry, papers, etc.

    Informing about this, North District DCP Sagar Singh Kalsi said that the police has filed a case on the basis of this allegation and started investigation. With the theft in mind, a team was formed under the supervision of SHO Inspector Dharmendra of Kashmir Gate under the direction of ACP Kotwali IPS Intact Tactics to nab the accused along with a senior citizen woman. ISBT in charge of SI Devendra Antil Outpost, ASI Bal Hussain, ASI Anil, Head Constable Devendra and Virendra Tiwari, Constable Manish, Kuldeep, Bipulbasi were present.

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    After that, the police team conducted technical surveillance and thoroughly investigated the CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity of the ISBT complex. A suspect was seen chasing the complainant on a CCTV camera. Subsequently, several more CCTV cameras were also tested to locate the suspect and it was found that the same suspect had caused similar incidents in the past.

    The team took pictures of the suspect and shared them with police personnel as well as locals to identify the person or get any clues. The records of more than a hundred criminals involved in similar crimes and activities were also examined but no clue was found.

    The team also lays a trap in and around ISBT on a daily basis. The attempt was successful and the suspect was apprehended on December 21 while he was roaming around the ISBT in search of another victim. The name of the accused is Suraj Prakash (54) Shalimar Garden, Sahebad, Ghaziabad, UP.

    A search was conducted at his house and 34 trolley bags with clothes, 16 empty trolley bags, 12 touch screen mobile phones and 14 keypad phones were recovered from his house. Apart from this, the clothes worn by the accused during the crime and a suitcase of the present case were also recovered.

    Delhi Police team recovered stolen trolley / carry bag, mobile phone from the arrested accused.

    ISBT has stolen 150 at the railway station, bus stand
    DCP Sagar Singh Kalsi said the accused Suraj Prakash is a very clever criminal. He is highly educated. He passed BSc from Meerut University in the 90’s. He used to run a medical store on rent but faced financial loss and later gave up. He then claimed that he continued to commit crimes in other ways.

    He entered the criminal world only two years ago. Since then he has confessed to about 150 thefts near ISBT and railway stations, bus stands. However, he is claimed to have never been arrested before. The police are also checking his record in this regard.

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    Look at a good dress, trust and hand over the trolley / carry bag for help
    The DCP said that the accused Suraj Prakash often targets senior citizens / adults especially women. He used to wander around the railway station of ISBT, Delhi / NCR in search of senior citizens who lived alone and felt the need for some help. For this he puts himself in a completely shot state because he believed in the old passengers before committing the crime. Seeing her beautiful dress, anyone will trust her and hand over her trolley / carry bag to get some help.

    DCP Sagar Singh Kalsi said the accused Suraj Prakash only targets senior citizens.

    He would get a little lame and get caught in the net.
    The deputy commissioner of police said he was a bit lame, so he would follow the victim for a while and leave the victim behind with a trolley / carry bag whenever he could. And would have fled. He did not use any vehicle. He further admitted that after committing a theft at ISBT / railway station, he avoided going to the same place for some time to avoid police investigation and his arrest.

    Tell the family, works at the ticket booking center
    After checking the profile of the accused, it was found that Suraj Prakash (54), a resident of Shalimar Garden, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, who is married and has a son and a daughter, is both private, police said. , Besides his wife (housewife) he is studying in 10th and 12th class of the school respectively.

    He further revealed that he had informed his family members that he was working at a ticket booking center and that the bag he had taken home would be returned to customers and soon. After the arrest of accused Suraj, 09 theft cases registered with Kashmir Gate police station have been settled.

    These stolen goods have been recovered
    After the arrest, the police recovered from him 51 stolen trolleys / carry bags along with the clothes of the victims, 26 stolen mobile phones, touch screen and keypad, clothes of the accused covered in CCTV footage of various thefts and crimes at different times. Stolen carry bags and clothes were also recovered from a suitcase carried by the accused at that time in the present charge. Efforts are also being made to trace the stolen bag and mobile phone recovered from him.

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