Monday, June 27, 2022

    Delhi Crime: Cameroonian woman arrested without visa-passport, sent to detention center

    New Delhi. An investigation is underway at the district level to nab African nationals living illegally in Delhi. The district police team is constantly interrogating. Especially in Dwarka district the work of arresting these citizens is going on. Daburi police have arrested a Cameroonian woman living in the area illegally. The woman’s name is Najung Bo Khing Mary. He was living without valid documents.

    According to Dwarka DCP Shankar Chowdhury, the district police is conducting operations to investigate and apprehend illegally living Africans under Operation Dominance. In this episode, Dabri police arrested an African woman during an investigation in the area. He was a resident of Cameroon and living in a rented area in the Dabri area.

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    The investigation revealed that his visa had expired. At the same time no document could be presented regarding the extra stay. The woman was caught trying to take action. The police produced the foreign woman before the FRRO. From here she was sent to Detention Center, Mahila Sadan, Nirmal Chhaya Complex for deportation.

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