Monday, June 27, 2022

    Delhi: Conspiracy to rob petrol pump and vinegar company of 1 million vehicles foiled, five miscreants arrested

    New Delhi. Delhi’s Outer North District Police have nabbed a rogue gang planning to loot company money in Narela area. Police have arrested five robbers with illegal weapons. The accused are Rabindra, Munesh, Amit, Sonu and Naveen. Pistols, cartridges, iron rods, baseball bats and torches were recovered from the accused. Police are checking the criminal record of the accused.

    Delhi Police District Officers said that under the direction of SHO Mahesh Narayan, the police team is keeping a close eye on the suspects by conducting surprise checks and patrolling in plain clothes ahead of the New Year. Police have received reports that some miscreants have gathered in the forest near the Narela Singu border with illegal weapons, trying to snatch more than Rs 1 million in cash from petrol pumps and vinegar company vehicles, which could be caught. He will also shoot.

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    Upon receiving the news, the police immediately cordoned off the scene. Going deep into the jungle, they caught five miscreants before fleeing and using weapons. Attempts are being made to find out by interrogating the accused.

    How did they get the information of these companies, is there any employee working with them in the company? He also sold the looted goods to where and to whom. Trying to know all this. At the same time, the connections of those who supply illegal weapons are being investigated so that they too can be arrested.

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