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    Customs seized gold worth Tk 20 lakh from a flight toilet at Chennai airport

    New Delhi. The smuggling of gold is coming to the fore every day in the airports of the country. Associated with gold smuggling, people use unique methods every day. But they could not escape from the security and investigation agencies stationed at the airport. The latest incident came to light at Chennai Airport.
    Indian customs team retrieves gold bar from flight toilet

    Customs seized 447 grams of gold bars at Chennai airport. The value of this smuggled gold is approximately 20 lakh rupees. The gold was recovered from a flight from Dubai to Chennai.

    Also read: Customs seized 2.5 million gold paste from passengers at Calicut airport, the gold was smuggled in from Dubai.

    According to a spokesperson at the Delhi Customs headquarters, customs officials received reports of gold smuggling from Dubai. According to sources, a gold bar was recovered from the flight’s toilet during a search of flight number 6E-66 from Dubai to Chennai. Customs has filed a case after confiscating the recovered gold.

    Gold worth Rs 25 lakh was also recovered from Calicut International Airport
    Let us inform you that 536 grams of gold was seized at Calicut International Airport on behalf of Custom’s Calicut Air Intelligence Unit team. It was also smuggled from Dubai to Calicut by a passenger hiding in the anus.

    Customs team arrested the accused and recovered the gold paste. Two small bundles of 536 g gold paste were recovered from the anus. 500 grams of pure gold was recovered during the extraction. The price is said to be around 25 lakh rupees.

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