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    ‘I got tired of throwing 6 balls, I was going to retire 3 years ago’, Ashwin’s startling revelation!

    New Delhi. Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has revealed that he is seriously considering retiring from cricket after the 2018 England series. Because he felt that he was not being supported even after performing well for the team. He said there was a time 3 years ago, when he felt tired after playing 6 balls. Ashwin said that he changed his bowling technique, then he started getting good success. In the last few years, Ashwin has not only won Tests for Team India with the ball, in many cases he has managed to avoid team defeats based on his batting.

    And Ashwin In an interview with ESPNcricinfo, he said, “Between 2018 and 2020, I started thinking seriously about quitting the game, considering a number of things. I thought I tried a lot, but it didn’t work out. Seems to be going away.Then I would gasp after 6 balls and I had to stop breathing.I had pain all over my body.

    িন Ashwin used to get tired even after bowling
    “When my knee hurts, I start to jump down and if I jump down, I have to put all the pressure on my back and shoulders to throw the ball,” he said. So I would side-turn more to try to use the buttocks when bowling the next ball. I would throw 6 balls at a time and then fatigue started to prevail and I wanted a break.

    Describing how he felt during that time, the off-spinner said, “People didn’t think much about my injuries. I didn’t have people with whom I could share my pain. I realized that a lot of players after such injuries Get support from the team management or elsewhere. But I don’t know why it didn’t happen to me? Because as a player my contribution to the team was less. I won a lot of matches for the team. But no one came when I needed to. “

    ‘I’m not used to getting help’
    He added: “I have no habit of seeking help from anyone like this. I have felt for a while now that I cannot move forward without support. Ashwin further said that I have realized that now I have to try something else.

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    ‘Daddy expected me to return to white ball cricket’,
    Ashwin added that even after the 2018 tour of Australia, he was seriously considering retiring. The off-spinner said: “After the England series in 2018, after Southampton, there was the same episode, after that series, later in Australia, where I had a stomach injury after the Adelaide Test. Then there are thoughts about monasticism. The woman I was talking to at the time was my wife. But my father had high hopes that I would return to white ball cricket. Then he said, I will see you come back to white ball cricket before I die.

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    Ashwin is currently on a tour of South Africa for the Test series. Where the first test will start from December 26 in Centurion.

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