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    Gavaskar was scared to make Mahendra Singh Dhoni a mentor for the T20 World Cup!

    New Delhi. A day before the announcement of the 15-member Team India for the T20 World Cup (ICC T20 World Cup 2021). Many seniors got leave from this team, so many new faces got the opportunity. But Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni Mentor) was the most surprised about any one name. Dhoni, who retired from international cricket last year, was named in Team India for the T20 World Cup. But not as a player, but as a mentor. Under Dhoni’s leadership, Team India has won the World Cup twice and the Champions Trophy once. He is considered the lucky attraction of the team and knows the skill of turning defeat. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

    Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar is also happy with the decision to add Dhoni to Team India. But they are afraid of one thing. In ‘Aaj Tak’, when he was asked a question about making Dhoni a mentor, he mentioned a 17-year-old anecdote. “I joined Team India in 2004 as a consultant,” he said. At the time, team coach John Wright was worried about his position. He thought I would take his place. However, it was not so much.

    Making Dhoni a mentor is good for the team: Gavaskar
    Gavaskar says the appointment of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the team’s mentor for the T20 World Cup is good news for India. One should expect that there is no conflict between Dhoni and head coach Ravi Shastri.

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    There is a possibility of clash between Shastri and Dhoni!
    He further said that there could be no conflict between head coach Shastri and Dhoni. Because Shastri knows that Dhoni is not interested in coaching. If Dhoni’s and Shastri’s thoughts match, then it will be very useful for Team India in the T20 World Cup. But if there is disagreement or disagreement about strategy or team selection, it can affect the team’s performance. However, joining Dhoni’s team is enough to increase his strength. He does not lack experience. When he was playing international cricket, there was no one bigger and more aggressive batsman than him.

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    Under Dhoni’s leadership, India has won two World Cups
    The former India captain said that under Dhoni’s leadership, India won the World Cup in 2011 after 28 years. 4 years ago, the team became the world champion of T20. Under such circumstances, Dhoni’s joining Team India is good in every way and it will only benefit the team.

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